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UniDAC discount

Devart produces different types of impressive products. UniDAC is one of its successful items. It is a collection of components that can be used for accessing various databases directly from Delphi and C++ Builder.

UniDAC Review

Universal Data Access Components is a set of essential components. These components will let you use Delphi and C++ Builder to access various databases of multiple platforms. It can be used for various computer and mobile phone operating systems. There is no need to use multiple interfaces to access multiple databases. Just use UniDAC to access all these with ease. If you are happy with the review of universal data access component then, purchase with our discount. Grab the UniDAC coupon now.

Direct Access

One of the most important features of UniDAC is it is a server independent solution. That means, you will be able to access the server data directly by using this software. There are some other similar tools that require different data provider layers. This one does not need the installation of any of these layers. Similarly, it does not need any kind of client libraries. An amazing interface is another important feature. Its interface is compatible with almost every standard data access method. Some of these methods are ADO, and BDE. Sometimes, you may need to work with data offline. In that case, the automatic connection control will be very helpful. UniDAC is capable of searching installed server in a targeted local network. The connection timeout management facility of this solution is very powerful.

This solution is helpful in accessing any kind of server data directly. There is no need to install any kind of data provider layers to do so. Similarly, you can access these data without using any client library, such as, Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. There are different types of data access methods. BDE and ADO are some of these methods. The interface of this Devart product is compatible with these data access methods. Sometimes, you may need to use pure console applications. In such cases, UniDAC offers the separated run-time features.


Amazing Compatibility

UniDAC is compatible with all the latest versions of servers. And, you will also be able to connect with embedded versions of each server. While working with various servers and database, you must collect and update a big collection of data. This task will be done by UniDAC very efficiently. Actually, it can do so automatically. In doing so, TUniTable, TuniStoredProc, and TuniQuery components will be used. Different types of queries will create by this solution automatically too. Sometimes, users need to synchronize multiple datasets. It will do that automatically. In doing so, the SmartRefresh option will be used. This product has an impressive data type mapping facility.

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Oracle Features

UniDAC is suitable to work with different database management solutions and servers. So, it is very important to know what feature it offers to these servers. It supports multiple Oracle Homes. There are some other types of tools that cannot work with Large Objects or LOBs. On the other hand, this product of Devart is able to access LOBs. Another important thing is, you don’t have to access every lob manually. Rather, it is able to follow a temporary LOB management routine. Similarly, you can use it to update the fields of large objects. This software also helps retrieve ROWID values. UniDAC works with other servers, including MongoDB, SQLite and DB2. While working with those, it supports all the commonly used data types. Data type mapping is another great advantage of it.

unified connectivity solution

Efficient Performance

We have mentioned common and the most important features of this software. Offering tons of features is not the only scale that indicates a good software. You have to judge its actual performance. That means, an important thing is to consider how well it can perform its operations by utilizing its features. UniDAC is well-known for its performance. This solution has a batch processing facility. That is why, it works faster than ordinary solutions. While working with various databases, it will access and manage data automatically. You will also enjoy the automatic query preparing facility.

UniDAC Discount and Pricing

One free license, and two paid licenses of UniDAC are available. The Standard License is suitable for connecting to MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases only. It includes a desktop app for Windows. No mobile app development facility is added here. That means, you will get only the core features with this license. Its price is only USD 299.95 without any promo code. The Professional Version of UniDAC is available for only USD 499.95. This one includes a big number of additional features. For example, it can connect with other databases including, Oracle, SQL Server, and SQLite. Desktop and mobile apps development facilities are available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android, etc.

Therefore, please purchase the program with our coupon so that user can for accessing various databases. For any information about UniDAC discount please contact us.