Ubot Studio Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Ubot Studio discount

Ubot Studio offers the users chance to make task automation. The program helps to boost the potential of internet marketing with this application. Users can get more chances to bring conversion and sales to the site. Whatever users want to do online on a regular basis, users can automate that by using Ubot Studio. As a result, users will be able to save time by automating the tasks. Automation helps to make things easier for users and customers. The application is compatible with 99.9 percent of the website. Ubot Studio helps users to collect and analyze information and figure out how they want to run a new campaign to drive online sales. Even users can automate the tasks of uploading and downloading with very ease of this application.

Visual Scripting of Ubot Studio

Ubot Studio does the visual scripting in a very easy way. Users just need to use the drag and drop option to do the visual scripting. There is no long term hard work involved. It helps to do the automation of the products. The software can help to make a visual UI designer with some simple clicks. Users can simply use the drag and drop options to design the visual UI. It means it is quite an easy application to use. Users do not need to go through the experience of designing. There is no need of hiring professional coders to code this. Users also can raise any query at any moment they want with this application. It has a fast response team that will solve any issue faced by the users while using this application. All the staff of this application is professionally trained to support users. If you want to purchase this product please use our discount. Grab the Ubot Studio coupon now.

Highlights of Ubot Studio

Ubot Studio does not require users to have massive experience in scriptwriting. To automate the tasks on the browser, users just need to follow some simple steps. Users just need to record the actions they perform every single day in their browser and convert it into the scripts. Users can even edit and customize the script the way they want. The software afterward will repeat the same action every single day for the users.  For example, if users are running daily campaigns and they need to spend 5 to 10 minutes to rinse and repeat the campaign, they can automate those tasks so that users can save those 5 to 10 minutes. Even if users want they can automate daily posting tasks and let Ubot Studio handle it.

Ubot Studio

Search Scrap and Save

Ubot Studio has a simple option that allows the users to search for the web page content and scrap them and afterward users can save it. It has a fully customizable scrapping system that allows the users to customize the web content the way the users want.  It has a bot bank that has pre-programmed script. Users can start their scripting customization by selecting scrip from the bot bank. It provides one of the advantages of using proxies. Proxies help to keep the data secure and provide 100 percent security to the users while browsing. Users can choose between private, public, and secure proxies and choose how they want to work. It has an auto-fill option that allows you to automatically fill the forms, boxes, and other data without spending time to fill it.

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Verify Emails

Ubot Studio has the option to verify all the emails. Users can send emails the time they want, they can receive the data and users can scan the data instantly to figure out the validity of the emails. Whenever users collect emails for running marketing campaigns, it becomes important to make sure that the emails are well-validated and active. This will help to ensure to lower email bounce rate when users run email campaigns online. If users want to increase the email delivery rate to 100 percent, using this method can help them.

web automation software

Custom Commands of Ubot Studio

Ubot Studio allows users to add custom commands on a daily basis. Users can completely repeat the commands and run the same activity every single day. It has a web inspector that allows the users to scan any source code of the website before clicking on it. As a result, users will be able to maintain extra caution and not hit on the website that can cause hacking.  It also has a windows automation feature that will allow the users to do windows automation.

Ubot Studio Discount & Pricing

Ubot Studio offers the packages of the 3 categories. It has the starter package is priced at only 295 dollars without any promo code in 2021. The professional package of this application is priced at only 595 dollars. All the standard features are included in this package. The developer package of this software is priced at only 995 dollars. All the packages have only one time pricing, there is no monthly and yearly payment involved.

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