TXTVideo Direct Discount: Get Coupon on the Video Making Tool

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Either you purchase Personal or Business license with our above link, avail 25% cashback as TXTVideo Direct Discount. Please check the following TXTVideo image for discount details.

TXTVideo Direct Discount

People like to see something new that can attract them to purchase a product or service. A big number of marketers are using TXT videos nowadays. These contents can easily be generated by using TXTVideo Direct.

Review of the TXTVideo Direct

Every potential customer may have several questions regarding your products and services. Instead of offering the answers to all these questions on a webpage, you can create a video. In such a video, all these questions will be answered in such a way that people get more engaged. There is a simple solution that can help to create these things. The name of that solution is TXTVideo Direct. If you liked the review then purchase the product cheaply with our discount. Hopefully the TXTVideo Direct coupon will satisfy your need.

Create TXT Videos

Nowadays, videos are converting more than any other contents. There are different types of videos too. Instead of offering a plain video, you should create more engaging ones. In doing so, TXT videos are very useful. These contents will show a viewer a conversation like content where one party will ask some questions. And, the other party will answer those questions. Cleverly, you have to add some CTAs, your company name, and logo to that conversation video. TXTVideo Direct will allow to add different types of images and GIFs. It helps to create a high engaging content within a few minutes. An advanced customization is another great feature of this tool. By using this facility, it will automatically add the first name, last name, email address, or other info about a viewer. That means, TXTVideo Direct will make every content high converting.

TXTVideo Direct

TXTVideo Direct Discount and Pricing

Two types of license are available for this solution. The Personal License can be bought by paying only 65 USD without the discount. It is the one-time fee for this license. You will be able to use it on your personal campaigns. A big number of users may need it for dealing with personal and commercial projects. The Business Plan is suitable to them. This license of TXTVideo Direct is available for only USD 67. A 30-day money back guarantee is available with both these licenses. That is why, your investment will be completely safe even if this software does not perform well.

Custom Backgrounds of the Video

Instead of a simple video, it is better to use a content with a custom background. This task can easily be done with TXTVideo Direct. In doing so, you will be allowed to use any image from its built in library. Similarly, your images from your own collection can be uploaded for a project. Nowadays, motion backgrounds are getting more popular. This solution will allow to add these motion backgrounds with ease. You can use these videos to direct potential customers to certain pages, websites, sales pages, and social profiles. TXTVideo Direct is able to add full screen CTAs. Hence, there will be more visitors to your targeted places.

So, if you have any query about TXTVideo Direct discount please kindly contact us. You will enjoy the coupon very much.