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Twitter Counter Discount

Review of Twitter Counter

There are various kinds of social media software out there, and one of the most well-known is Twitter. Twitter can be used for various purposes such as sending short messages and posting day to day statuses. And, for business personnel and corporate agencies, Twitter is used for engaging and interacting with customers. Therefore, it is really important for users to keep track of their large audience and customer base. Hence, to provide the ultimate solution to keeping track, there is a highly recommended software called Twitter Counter. Twitter Counter enables users to effectively grow their followers and build an active customer base to increase sales and revenue. Enjoy all the cool TC features with our discount. You can get the product at a much cheaper price by purchasing with our Twitter Counter coupon. Now, let’s look at some of the features provided:

Advanced Systems

Manually creating graphs and statistics report from tons of collected data is a very time consuming task. To tackle this problem, Twitter Counter delivers users with the most advanced system to monitor and analyze day-to-day activities. To increase the rate of interactivity with customers and audiences, Twitter Counter will display the best hours of the day. Having gained the attention of visitors during the peak hour will result in an increased rate of conversion and engagement rate. From these engagements, the software will automatically provide users with statistics graphs and data reports. These reports will help users to plan and strategize their next marketing move.

Twitter Counter

Ease of Use and Customization

There are tons of software out there that are just too complicated and difficult to use. These types of software results in users wasting their valuable resources and precious time. Unlike these software, Twitter Counter is very easy to get started with, and convenient for both new and experienced users. There is no need for the users to manually check the number of followers and “unfollowers”. This is because all these information will be automatically provided through the graphs and data reports. Every time a data report is provided, users can choose to download the reports as PDF files. The data reports can be customized to compare and contrast with other reports, and gain insights on other competitors.

Twitter Counter Discount and Price

Twitter Counter has four types of purchasable packages available at very affordable prices. Individual, and Professional packages are available for a monthly subscription fee of $8 and $20 excluding the discount. Business, and Unlimited packages can be purchased for a payment of $40 and $120 per month. All of the packages consist of a free trial period where users can try out the software for one month.

So, please use our coupon to purchase the tool which gives an overall graph of your Twitter stats. The Twitter Counter discount will let you make the purchase at a more reasonable price.