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TubeSift Discount

Review of TubeSift

YouTube is popular because billions and billions of online audiences visit this site to watch all sorts of videos. This makes YouTube an amazing platform for users who aren’t able to properly advertise their product and gain traffic access. But as there’s millions of videos available, users will find it difficult to find the right videos for advertisements. Therefore, with the solutions to find videos that’re monetized and more, the software TubeSift should be everyone’s first choice. TubeSift delivers users with time saving tools and an enhanced system to automate targeting audience, and boost ROI. Get the fantastic features of TS cheaply with the discount. The TubeSift coupon will be helpful. Below, multi-activity dashboard, and various other software functionalities are elaborated:

Multi-Activity Dashboard

Through TubeSift’s dashboard, users can do their video research, and also they can train themselves through the tutorials available. Users can also get insights into bonus materials through the application’s dashboard. To find suitable videos for ads, users have to simply put in one or two keyword to display search results. Through the search results users can check whether a video is monetized or not, and also see if it’s viewer-friendly. To not get overwhelmed with too many results, users can minimize or maximize the no. of videos being displayed. Lastly, if user wants to promote their advertisements through specific channel, they can use the channel search facility.


Built-in Functions

TubeSift provides built-in functions so that users don’t have to depend on other applications to do separate tasks. All the details of results that has been obtained can be exported from the software itself. Details such as URL link of certain videos, the selected videos’ descriptions, and other positive-and-negative feedbacks can be exported. Users can keep a list of their preferred videos onto the application’s placement lists. This will allow users to easily find and manage the videos that they have chosen, and retarget audience efficiently. The amazing responsiveness of TubeSift allows users to work using any devices of their choice including tablets, and mobile devices.

Video Studio can be used in many different ways.  You can add many effects in your videos. You can add the effects to make the video look more attractive. You can design the background of the video. Background is really important element in the video. If the background does not look nice, people will overlook the video. Therefore, it is important to have a video with a nice background. It makes people interested to watch the video. This application allows you to design the background of the video. You can also add sequences of title. So you will be able to edit the first part of the video by adding the title of the video

TubeSift Discount and Price Plans

TubeSift has two types of payment plans which consists of monthly and yearly membership fee. Monthly plans require users to pay $67 every month, and Annual plan is $497 every year excluding the discount. Users have to pay only for the plans they have selected since there are no fees included for setup. As soon as users becomes one of the members, access to all features of the application will be granted.

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