Top Password Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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Top Password coupon

Sometimes, we need to recover the passwords of locked files, folders, and systems. In such cases, different types of software tools are required. These products are offered by Top Password.

Top Password Review

Sometimes, we need to protect our files and folders from other users. We set a strong password for each of these files and folders. And, we often forget those codes. In that case, a strong password recovery software should be used. Similarly, computer users often need file protection kits, conversion kits, and other utility software. Some of these very essential products are offered by Top Password. Get the software with our coupon and enjoy all the cool benefits offered by the products. Grab the Top Password discount now.

Password Recovery Bundle

One of the finest products of Top Password is Password Recovery Bundle. This single toolkit is capable of recovering password of various files, operating systems, servers, and drives. For example, you will be able to recover and reset the passwords of Microsoft account. Various versions of Windows operating system are supported by it. Any kind of local user password of Windows Server and MS SQL Server can easily retrieve by using this tool. Similarly, you can recover the administrator password of Windows Server as well. After purchasing Password Recovery Bundle, there is no need to depend on another tool to recover PDF passwords. These codes can be detected very easily. This toolkit is capable of removing all kinds of PDF restrictions with ease. There are different kinds of messenger platforms including MSN, AIM, and MySpace. Passwords of all these accounts can be retrieved by using this product.


Protect My Folders

This is another nice product of Top Password. It is capable of authorizing different files, folders, and systems so that no unauthorized users can access those. These protected contents cannot modify, deleted, and renamed either. Even, you will be able to make these things hidden from others. Sometimes, protected folders can be accessed from network computers. This software is able to stop that also.

There are some other strongly recommendable products of Top Password. Some of these products are Outlook Password Recovery, PDF Password Recovery, KeyFinder Plus, and PCUnlocker, etc. Video Converter Assist is another great product of it. This one is able to convert all kinds of video and audio files from one format to others.

The features of Top Password can be enjoyed using our discount offered here. Additional coupon is not needed for the password recovery software.

PCUnlocker Features

Among all the products of Top Password, PCUnlocker is a very popular one. This product is a Windows password recovery solution that supports all the editions of Windows OS. It is capable of unlocking a Windows system almost instantly. In doing so, it is capable of bypassing, resetting, and removing admin and local passwords. Along with traditional features, this product comes with lots of advanced facilities. For example, it is capable of creating local admin accounts when you cannot access a user profile. Sometimes, a solution can be making a new admin account for unlocking a user account. In such cases, PCUnlocker is able to promote any local user account into an admin. This product of Top Password can reset passwords with bootable CDs and USB drives.

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KeyFinder Plus

It is very common that Windows users forget their Windows CD keys. They also forget various other product keys. In such cases, KeyFinder Plus is very useful. This software is capable of finding out lost CD or product keys with ease. You can use to recover CD keys of Windows OS, SQL Server, MS Office apps, and other solutions. There are several other tools that can recover these keys. But, this software of Top Password is able to bring out these keys using non-booting computer system. After finding out these keys, you don’t have to worry about storing those for the future. This software can back up every retrieved item with ease.

One of the finest products of Top Password is its Outlook Password Recovery. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager. It can be used for storing personal data and mails. Sometimes, we forget the passwords of Outlook files. Outlook Password Recovery is very impressive to solve such problems. This product can easily recover the password of any personal storage files.

Top Password Coupon & Pricing

The Password Recovery Bundle of Top Password has three licenses. Its Standard License is available for only $29.95 without the promo code. The Professional and Enterprise Licenses can be bought by paying only USD 49.95 and USD 79.95 respectively. The further one supports booting locked PC, and resetting domain administrator passwords on Windows Server. The Price of Protect My Folders is very impressive also. You just have to pay $17.95 to access it. Video Convert Assist is another nice product that is available for USD 17.95. Similarly, every product of Top Password is available of an affordable pricing facility. Necessary support, and money back warranty are available also.

Therefore, please the password recovery software with our discount easily. We hope that the Top Password coupon will help you to recover password easily.