Tick Data Suite Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Get special 15% cash back on any license, providing as Tick Data Suite discount. This offer applies for any license including yearly, monthly and lifetime.

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Tick Data Suite

MetaTrader is a widely used platform for trading Forex. It takes help from Expert Advisors to analyze the financial markets. That is why, trading decisions can be taken very efficiently by taking help from this platform. If you want to increase its performance very quickly, then the Tick Data Suite is an efficient solution.

Review of the Tick Data Suite

We know that, MetaTrader is capable of running some backtests to analyze the trade environment. But sometimes, its backtests performance becomes very weak. In these cases, you have to use such solutions, which can increase its performance very quickly. And at the same time, this additional solution must be very easy to handle. Otherwise, it will not be possible to handle MetaTrader more efficiently. After considering all these things, our recommendation is to use Tick Data Suite. You can enjoy all the cool TDS features with our discount. Our Tick Data Suite coupon will let you avail all these features at a cheaper price. This powerful suite has some impressive features and benefits. Some of these are as follows:

Fast and Powerful

Tick Data Suite is capable of ensuring a 99% accuracy on modelling by MetaTrader. There can be different types of expert advisors. Each advisor may not be suitable for every situation. This solution will find out which one is the suitable one for any particular project. This solution gets its updates regularly. For this reason, it can deal with every backtest more easily. Though it can perform some impressive actions, it can be handled very easily. A fully controllable backtest configuration support is another important feature of this suite.

tick data suite discount

Tick Data Suite Discount & Pricing

Already, I have mentioned some very important features of the Tick Data Suite. Compared to all these features, the pricing of this solution is not very high. As per this post creating time, you just have to pay 97 USD for this one. After paying this fee once, only a monthly fee should be paid for enjoying the support and update facilities. And that fee is only 10 USD per month without any promo code. A volume discount facility is also there for Tick Data Suite. If 2 licenses of this suite are purchased, only 92 USD should be paid for each license. For 3 or 4 licenses, its purchasing cost will be 87 USD per unit. And you just have to pay 78 USD per license if 5 units of this product are purchased. It can also be used without any cost for two weeks as a trial.

Now, as of, 2019, there are basically 3 types of license. The regular license will cost $97, yearly license is $183 whereas lifetime license is $499. You can also get support & updates for an additional period with some additional fees for first 2 license. You can also try Tick Data Suite free for 14 days prior to 2021.

Use Real Spreads

This software suite will let you use the actual as well as variable spreads whenever necessary. And sometimes, a fixed spread will not be suitable one to trade. In these cases, this suite will deal with the real spread between ask and bid prices. Tick Data Suite has a powerful download manager. This integrated tool is capable of storing various types spread information, data range, and other important information. Multithreading facility is another important feature of this tool.

Therefore, please get the backtesting and optimizations product with our coupon. Grab this Tick Data Suite discount today.