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thrive clever widgets pricing

Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Thrive Clever Widgets can help users to organize their website better. Website organization is really important in order to make convincing website. The importance of a clean and well organized website is really high. According to a lot of research it is found that some of the best product in the market remains unsold. One of the main reasons is bad impression of the customers due to lack of skillful presentation. Thrive Clever Widgets will offer the customers to make different widgets with generic web content. It will help the customers to find their product easily without searching for a long time. If you liked the TCW review, then please purchase with our review pricing. Simply follow the image steps and grab the Thrive Clever Widgets review.

Thrive Clever Widgets Pricing and Plans

Thrive Clever Widgets can make the website more engaging for the visitors as visitors will receive the things they want search very fast. Some of the pricing plans of Thrive Clever widgets have been explained here:

15 Site License

Thrive Clever Widgets offer license for 15 sites in a package. It comes with full support for the customers. It means customers can get the support for any kind of problem regarding the tool. It is a 1 year package so the update of the package has been made free for 1 year. Here users can save a lot of money on update. The license is the most expensive, but the average cost of the license is not that high comparing that is provides license for 15 sites. The price of the license is only 97 dollars without the pricing.

5 Site License

It is another license package offer under Thrive Clever Widgets. It is a comparatively cheap and helpful license. This license is for 5 websites. This license comes with full year updates for free for the users. It also comes with the ability to provide the support to the users from the support team. So the support team can help the users for any problem faced. On the other hand it includes all the features that are available in the application. The price of this application is only 47 dollars.

Single Site License

If users want a cheaper license, they can purchase the single site license for Thrive Clever Widgets. It is comparatively cheaper and it includes all the features of the application. It provides a full free update for 1 year.  The price of this package is only 39 dollars. It is the cheapest yearly license of this tool.


Thrive Clever Widgets can be purchased as a form of the month. The monthly package is only 19 dollars. It comes with free updates unlimited for 1 month. It also comes with free support for 1 month. The payment can be made after the end of the year. If the users are not sure about this tool, they can use monthly membership to use it.

Therefore, please avail the new plugin with our review. We believe that you are going to enjoy the Thrive Clever Widgets pricing.