Themedy Review, Frameworks for Your WordPress and Blogs

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Themedy is a new brand for the premium themes for WordPress and blogs. The number of products of this company is really large and most important thing is each of the products of this company is very attractive and unique. You can purchase the themes of this company separately or as a package. Excellent framework and versatility are the main features of each of the themes of Themedy.


Overview of the Products of Themedy

WordPress themes are very useful. Before purchasing any theme for your WordPress, you have to consider the flexibility of that theme. We all know that there are so many companies which provide WordPress themes from many years. Themedy Company is a new company which provides some attractive and useful themes. To use any product of this company to your WordPress site, you must purchase either Genesis or Thesis of this brand. Some main products and their important features:

Blink Theme & Clip Cart Theme

One of the most unique and versatile themes of the Themedy brand is the Blink theme. If you are looking for such theme which can be used for creating different types of personal websites then you can choose this product. It can convert your WordPress into perfect online albums, portfolios and personal blog, etc. You can use this theme with the latest version of the WordPress. It does not require any additional plugin to convert your WordPress into the desired one.

Do you want to create an ecommerce website very quickly? In this case you can use this theme of the Themedy Brand. This is a mobile responsive theme which has built in shopping cart. That means you don’t have to purchase an extra shopping cart for your website. PayPal and other payment methods can be integrated into your site very easily if you apply this theme to that site. It has all the other tools which will help you in your online business.

Grind Theme & Foxy News Theme

The Themedy Company provides this exclusive theme for creating different types of business websites as well as online portfolios. After using this theme, your site will be perfect for the forums. It has the responsive design which will make your site suitable for the different screen resolutions and sizes.

This theme is perfect for transforming your WordPress site into a perfect new site. It will let you control everything on your website very easily and quickly. Custom widgets and areas for the new widgets are the other important features of this beautiful theme.

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Proof Theme & Splash Theme

This is a very attractive theme of the Themedy brand. It has perfect framework and great color combination. You can use this to your personal blogs as well as portfolios. It will make your website perfect for posting different types of articles with images of large size. It is a complete auto scrolling theme. This theme is very helpful for creating different types of landing pages.

It is a responsive and retina ready theme which has the capability to convert your WordPress into very beautiful blog. After installing this, you will be able to change the default color and other properties of your site very easily. It is very suitable for creating the forum sites. It is browser friendly. That means after using this theme, your site will be compatible with all the popular browsers.

Quik Theme & Derby Theme

One of the most popular products of the Themedy Company is the Quik Theme. It is a fully responsive theme. After using this theme, your website will be suitable and friendly with any type of and size of screens. It is suitable for the latest version of the WordPress. This is a versatile theme. You can use this theme to create online magazines, business websites and blogs etc.

Derby is another theme for business websites. It is also a responsive theme of the Themedy Brand. This flexible theme has clean, fresh and modern look and that is why it will make your business website very attractive. It can also be used to create online portfolios.