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For the WordPress platform, the theme developer plays a vital role. Many theme developers exist in this industry while providing many facilities. Theme Junkie is considered as a trusted one platform in this case. It affords a lot of theme for many sections. The pricing issue of the product under Theme Junkie varies due to the available facilities and the conditions. For the Lifetime member under Theme Junkie, you will get the facilities to access all the themes of this. Besides, the up-gradation facilities are also available in this package.

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Theme Junkie Lifetime Member

This site offers new and different looking WordPress themes for customers. The design of the product is completely unique. The site gives total support to the customers about the use, design and control of the themes. Though it is still a new site, but it is looking very promising.

The Functionality of This

Theme Junkie offers the themes almost for all the platforms like blogging case, ecommerce field, portfolio case, magazine case, creative, responsive sector and so on. All the themes can be customized easily with the user’s choice. Moreover, the product can be managed easily from the admin panel section on the WordPress site.

Special Features

  • Control panel of the themes is very easy and user friendly.
  • Graphics are pixel-perfect.
  • Resizable images and sidebars.
  • Page widgets are easily changeable.
  • Suitable for most of the browsers both classics and latest versions.
  • Customer support is great. Not only you can receive technical support, but all the query you need to use.
  • Themes also can be used in news sites.
  • Movable themes and its other elements give you pleasure.
  • Prices are very cheap compare to other WP themes providers.
  • Optical friendly color combination.
  • If you buy one theme, then you can use it lifetime for any site. No re-installment is needed after any period of time.
  • Social media like Facebook and Twitter shortcut bar is added in all the themes.
  • Stat managements.

theme junkie review

Available Themes Offered

This fresh theme is a suitable one for the ecommerce section. In the ecommerce based site, this product offers the users to add the needed terms in a normal way. Here, it offers the flexible process to add the plug-in. While using this, you will observe the system to maintain the menus, logos, design, background section and other needed terms. This theme can be applied in the blog section. In designing the blog with the needed layout section, you will observe a huge amount of tools here. To add the post with the comment addition process, some specific tools are afforded here. This theme holds the responsive format with the built-in SEO system.

In case of designing the magazine based website, you can rely on this theme. This one offers the simple functionalities with the proper customization process. Here, you will get the term to maintain the post addition system with the needed news posting process. To maintain the layout system in your site, you will get some specified terms. However, to develop the website for the medical section, doctors, health care sector, you can depend on this theme. It holds the built-in HTML and CSS3 formation in the designing case. Within this theme, a lot of facilities can be gathered like mega menu addition process, page building process, responsive format addition process and so on. This theme is applicable for multipurpose case. It can be used in the blogging section, creative section, portfolio case and photography based site also.

Pricing issue of Theme Junkie

Generally, to purchase every single theme, you will need to pay $39/theme. For getting the entire one as a package system, you need to offer only $199. Under this package, the up-gradation facility and the technical support are included.