The Paris Pass Review, Fast Track Entry for Sightseeing

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There is no doubt that the Paris is one of the most beautiful cities of this world and that is why people of all over the world visit Paris. If you want to visit Paris then it is better to get help from the Paris Pass website. From this website you will be able to know about the famous places and buildings of Paris and also you can buy different kinds of tourist guidebooks and travel packages from Paris Pass.

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Things to Do in Paris

We all know that the France is one of the most attractive countries of the earth and Paris is the Capital of this country. Not only it is the capital but also it is the most populous town of France. There are so many things which are the tourist attraction. If you want to visit Paris, then you may visit the Paris Pass website to get different packages for visiting attractive places and for travelling.

Famous Eiffel Tower

When you will be in Paris then you must visit the Eiffel Tower which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This beautiful observation tower is situated at the Champ de Mars in Paris. It is created with iron and architecturally it is very well designed. You can enjoy the view of this tower at day and night time. There are few more towers are situated in Paris like the Arc de Triomphe and Montparnasse tower. Height of this tower is 324 meters and it is situated at the Champ de Mars. You can also visit the Montparnasse tower which is actually a commercial building of 210 meters height. Arc de Triomphe is another architectural beauty of Paris and it was created more than 200 years ago.

Historical Buildings and Places of Paris

In Paris there are some historical buildings also. Palace of Versailles is one of the royal buildings of Paris. During the France revolution this building was one of the most important places. Interior and exterior views of this palace is very beautiful. Sainte-Chapelle is one of the oldest architectural beauties of this city. It is created during the period of King Louise IX. It was created about 900 years ago. Here you can also see the statue of the King Louise IX.

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There are so many museums are in this famous city of France. If you are interested about painting then Paris is the perfect place for you. In this town Maurice Denis Museum, Rodin Museum and Dali Museum are situated and all of these museums have huge collections of Painting. You must visit the Louvre museum to see the famous painting of Leonardo DA Vinci named Mona Lisa. Here you can also see the huge amount of other paintings and antiquities. The Orsay Museum is one of the best museums which have rich collections of Paintings. The Museum of Asian Arts is also a very impressive Art Galleries.

Some Tourist Attractions of This Town

Paris is the city which is popular for various things. For example it is very popular for many Art Galleries. The Orsay Museum is one of the most beautiful museums of Paris. Here you will see world’s most unique and valuable paintings. If you want to see and know about various types of antiquities and paintings then you can visit the Louvre Museum. This museum has the collection of the famous painting named Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Collections of the Dali and Rodin Museum are also very huge.

Museum of Music is very attractive to the visitors. It was opened for the visitors at 1995 and architecturally this museum is very beautiful. You can also visit the Paris Science Museum for gathering huge experience. If you visit the Museum of Air and Space then you can see huge collection of different kinds of aircrafts.