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Textly discount

A simple WordPress plugin has an ability to send unlimited text messages to unlimited numbers. The name of that plugin is Textly. This newbie friendly solution is suitable for various types of promotional campaigns.

Features and Review of Textly

Though there are various digital marketing methods, only a few of these methods are very effective. The text message marketing is one of these methods. You may need to run so many messaging campaigns to get the desired success. Each campaign has various steps. There should be so many phone numbers. You have to send suitable messages with necessary links to these numbers. Similarly, other important steps are there. All these tasks can be done very easily by using Textly. This plugin has lots of important features. Get the product cheaply with our discount and enjoy the latest features. Grab the Textly coupon now.

Send Unlimited Messages

It is a fact that sending a message once to subscribers is not enough. You may need to send the same messages several times to the same group of subscribers. That is why, Textly supports unlimited messages. No monthly fees will be charged for any of these texts. Another fact is the size of your business may change anytime. And, you may need to send messages to more subscribers anytime. This software comes with a very easy way to add new phone numbers to its system. There is no need to purchase a separate opt-in form generator to collect these numbers. Textly offers customizable opt-in forms. You just have to customize these forms and add these on suitable websites. These forms will bring unlimited numbers in a quick time.


Textly Discount and Pricing

Though, this software comes with various types of important features, you don’t have to pay a big money for it. Textly is available for only $47, as per this post creating time without any promo code. Actually, it is a WordPress plugin. That is why, there is no need to deal with a difficult tool to send text messages. All the texts can easily be sent from your WordPress site. This solution is suitable for various types of professionals. Some of these professionals are local marketers, affiliate marketers, product creators, and bloggers. Textly provides a money back guarantee. It will be valid till 14 days after purchasing.

Subscriber’s Comfort

Sending a promotional message does not mean disturbing a subscriber. Sometimes, a subscriber may not be interested in a campaign. You should offer him a way to unsubscribe from the campaign. This task can easily be done by using Textly. It helps add an unsubscribe link to the messages. Subscribers just have to click on that link in doing so. This solution has a click analytics software. This software will help judging the growth rate of every campaign. Sometimes, newbies face several difficulties while deal with a text marketing solution. This one does not offer a complicated setup. That is why, everybody will enjoy using it.

Therefore, enjoy the SMS marketing service with our coupon. We hope that Textly discount will satisfy your needs.