TeamGantt Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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** The above offer applies on 1st invoice of any plan purchase: Standard or Advanced. If you start with free trial first, you are still eligible for the cashback when you upgrade. Just email us providing the purchase receipt.

TeamGantt discount

We often use multiple types of charts and timelines to manage and understand a project more easily. Gantt Charts are commonly used in many cases. If you want to create these charts to manage campaigns more effectively, then we recommend TeamGantt. This software helps create and customize Gantt Charts in a quick time.

Review of TeamGantt

Sometimes a person works on a project alone. And sometimes, a team works in a larger campaign. In both the cases, Gantt Charts are very effective. That is why, you have to purchase a software that helps create these charts in a very easy way. TeamGantt is a useful tool that creates all kinds of Gantt Charts for all kinds of projects. It can be sued by a single user and multiple users also. Get the Gantt chart software with our discount. Grab the TeamGantt coupon now. Let’s have a look at its top features and benefits:

Drag & Drop Facility

Perhaps, TeamGantt provides on of the easiest way to create Gantt charts. It comes with a drag and drop facility. So, you don’t have to become an expert in chart making. Rather, it will easily be possible to change the start and end date of a task by using this facility. You can also change the order of tasks. To change the timelines, there is no need to complete any difficult step. Rather, only a single click is enough for that. Similarly, all other customizations can also be changed with a few clicks. TeamGantt helps set different colors for different bars in charts. That is why, every chart will be more easily understandable. There is no need to deal with multiple screens to deal with multiple charts. Each and every project can be seen on a single screen. For this reason, you will be able to mark conflicts among projects.


Managing Workloads

There are several steps of managing a project. First of all, you have to distribute resources well. Budget is another vital factor to maintain. Another important part is to distribute small tasks among employees or team members. This task should be done in such a way that employees do not feel bad. TeamGantt is very helpful for managing workloads. It provides an availability tab. This tab can easily be accessed. From here, you can easily understand what works are available and which team members are available to complete those. Then, the works can easily be assigned. Multiple tasks can be assigned to a single teammate. On the other hand, TeamGantt allows to assign a single work to multiple team members. After assigning all the tasks, you can easily see which member is dealing with how many works.

These TeamGantt features could be achieved with our coupon. Extra discount is not needed for the online gantt chart software.

Share to Stakeholders

Stakeholders are often interested to see the progress of your project. TeamGantt is able to document every project on a single page. And, it also updates each campaign properly. So, you do not have to create reports of multiple pages to share with stakeholders. Just share a single place for each and every person connected to your project externally and internally. This solution can also provide project health reports. With a few clicks, you will be able to see which works are going smoothly with the progress of projects. And, which works are lagging behind. Then, just focus on these low-progress tasks to make a campaign more effective. TeamGantt shows day by day progress of an entire project and each task of that.

TeamGantt pricing

View Timelines

Creating and managing a suitable timeline for a campaign is very important to complete that project in time. TeamGantt is helpful in creating multiple timelines. One is the planned timelines, and another is the actual one. By comparing both these things, it is possible to focus on suitable tasks. This software supports calendar and list views of tasks. Nowadays, mobile devices are very useful in every sector. That is why, TeamGantt comes with a dedicated mobile app. This app is suitable for connecting and collaborating with team members. This software also allows to print and share every timeline and project report with ease.

TeamGantt Discount & Pricing

We have mentioned major features of TeamGantt. To judge these features, you can purchase its Free License. This license is capable of working with only a single project and a small team of three members. More importantly, it will be free of cost forever. But, professionals should purchase this solution for more projects. That Standard License is suitable for dealing with unlimited projects. This one is available for a single user and multiple users. Its single user license is available for only USD 24.95 per month without any promo code. Its 5-user license can be bought by paying only $64.75 per month. Similarly, the Advanced Team License of TeamGantt is suitable for working with unlimited projects. Its price starts from only $29.95 per month. This one is available with some additional features. For example, it has a time tracking facility.

Hence, please get TeamGantt with our coupon to create gantt charts and timelines to manage projects in 2021. We hope that the TeamGantt discount will be really helpful for you.