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Talkia discount

In the marketing industry, a lot of conditions are needed to maintain to achieve targeted profit. Here, unique contents play a vital role to grab the new customers as well as the subscribers. But, making constant basis content is so tough. In that scenario, text-to-speech can be a perfect solution for the online marketers. But such type solutions are not so available. For those cases, marketers can depend on Talkia. Talkia is an amazing one text-to-speech software. With this amazing product, there is the way to create audio books, VSLs, any tutorial, Ads or training video.

Review on Talkia

Talkia is an advanced level speech recognition software. It can identify the human voice while using Amazon and Google speech recognition API. This condition is applicable almost for all language types. Besides, you will find the way to customize the voice types, speed or pitch. This one is supported both for male and female voices. After that, you will find the option to add background music if it is needed. Due to having flexible user interface, any user can use this without facing any limitation. The most crucial part is that, it uses artificial intelligence for real -time voice capturing. Moreover, this is compatible both for PC and Mac version. Grab the text to speech software using our discount. Get the Talkia coupon now.

Working Steps of This

The working formula of Talkia is very simple and systematic. At the initial level, you need to type of paste the needed text in the editor section of this. Next, you have to choose the voice which you want to use. It comes with male and female voice having young and old versions. In the third step, you need to preview or generate the voice-over. Step 4 deals with the customization process of your final voice-over. When all these steps are done, you are ready to export your required voice-over.


Active Features Inside This

Talkia includes some amazing features for making professional audio. The customization process of this tool is highly standardized and flexible. Therefore, speaking rate is also top quality. Then, it has the option named as pitch personalization. When, these basic functions are over, you will observe pause, accent, background music and some other professional conditions. Here, there is a powerful function of volume controlling. With this, you can emphasize the velocity of any specific text if required.

Talkia Discount & Pricing

Talkia offers two different versions. These are: Standard and Enterprise. Standard version allows for the beginner level users. It has some limitations while observing the features list. To get this, you will need to pay only $39/month without the discount in 2020. After that, Enterprise version appears. This one offers some more features while compared with the Standard version. In order to purchase this, you will need to pay only $69.

Hence, please get the text to speech software using our coupon. We hope the Talkia discount will be amazing for you.