Swivle Coupon: Nice Discount on Asset Management Solution

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Swivle coupon

Nowadays, lots of people want to share their digital assets with clients. But, they cannot find out a reliable platform in doing task. Swivle is an amazing platform for storing and sharing digital files. This is an affordable option too.

Review of Swivle at a Glance

We know that people love to store their files on various storages. They also need to share these files with others. Generally, they take helps from multiple platforms to store and share digital assets. Sometimes, it becomes tough to maintain multiple platforms. To solve this issue, we recommend to use Swivle. This digital asset management files helpful for sharing, customizing, and sharing digital files. If the Swivle review has been impressive, please get our provided discount coupon as per the instructions. So get the Swivle discount for any plan today.

Intuitive Management

Different types of tools can be used for managing the files. But, all these tools are not suitable for newbies. These are generally very tough to handle. Compared to these tools, Swivle is easier. It has an intuitive file management facility. It will let every user to find out their files very quickly. In doing so, there is a search bar. This search option requires only a few seconds to find out a list of related items. You will be able to sort this list in terms of various things. The intuitive user interface will help to upload any file with ease. All you need is to drag a digital asset and drop on its interface. You may not upload a file for everybody. Swivle helps to take control over every file. That means, you will get the power to change permissions to access an item.


Easy to Integrate

Sometimes, it can be very important to integrate this digital asset management solution with various desktop apps. Swivle is compatible to work with lots of popular desktop applications. Team collaboration facility of this solution is very impressive too. Every team member will be able to store their content with ease. Other members will get the power to comment on each shared content. Similarly, they will also be able to download and share those files with ease. There is no need to take help from any 3rd party tool to open InDesign files. Swivle will allow to open those files directly.

Swivle Coupon Code & Pricing

Depending on the number of supported content manager, this solution has three different licenses. The Essential License is for only one content manager. It supports a 250GB online storage. As per this post creating time, you have to pay only $179 per month to access it. Sometimes, you may need more content managers. The Team Plan supports 3 different managers and a 2TB storage. It is available for only $360 per month excluding the coupon. Similarly, Swivle Organization Plan can be bought by paying only USD 999 per month. This one is capable of dealing with ten content managers and unlimited storage. An advanced training facility has made it a more powerful one.

Therefore, please get the solution program for digital asset management with our discount. For any question on the Swivle coupon, please feel free contact us.