SwipedOn Coupon | Get Discount for the Visitor Management System

Avail $25 cashback for Starter plan and $50 cashback for Business plan as SwipedOn coupon. Please check the SwipedOn image below for coupon.

SwipedOn coupon

Most of the companies have customer service centers nowadays. There can be a big number of visitors in every care centers. It is very important to manage these guests. SwipedOn is an impressive solution that will let you manage them with ease.

A Small Review of SwipedOn

Running a business successfully is not an easy task. A big number of customers and guests may come to your care centers for getting services and information. Your employees must serve them with excellence. So, there should be a digital system that will help them to handle guests. And, another system should there for you to manage employees. Instead of purchasing these tools separately, we suggest SwipedOn. This solution is a combination of both. If you are happy with this review, then please buy the mentioned product using our coupon. So grab the SwipedOn discount now.

Visitor Management System

A customer service center should have a very impressive visitor management system. SwipedOn comes with an impressive one. You don’t have to deal with paper visitor books anymore. It has an easy and effective sign-in system. You will be able to complete this process via iPad. Then, this tool will help to collect visitor details very quickly. And then, it will bid a branded welcome. So, visitors will be happy with the first impression. Visitor flow controlling is another great feature of it. SwipedOn will automatically create different categories of them. Along with collecting details, this software will capture the images of every visitor. You can easily record digital signatures of customers in necessary cases. Similarly, this solution allows every visitor to select a host of their choices. Whenever that guest will arrive, the respective host will get a notification automatically.


Handling Employees Easily

When you will run a customer management center, there will be lots of employees. Generally, people purchase different tools to manage these employees. But, there is no need to do that anymore after getting SwipedOn. This amazing solution has a built in employee management software. Employees have to use iPads to deal with this app and guests. You may need to establish a sync among these devices. This software will help do this task with ease. Another important thing is time tracking for every employee. It will do that and then create custom reports. This software offers a big evacuation list. Plenty of important options are added there.

SwipedOn Coupon and Pricing

SwipedOn comes with two fixed licenses and one customizable plan. The Starter plan is available for only USD 25 per month in a yearly payment system without the promo code. This one suitable for one location and 25 employees. The Business License can be enjoyed by spending only 49 USD per month. Though it is for 1 locations, but up to 250 employees will be able to use it. The SwipedOn Enterprise Edition is a customizable one. You will be able to use it for multiple locations and unlimited employees. We suggest this one for large enterprises. All these plans are suitable for linking multiple iPads with ease.

Therefore, please buy this specific product with a cheaper price with our discount. If you have query for this SwipedOn coupon, please contact with us.