Swell Rewards Discount: Get Amazing Coupon and Pricing

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Swell Rewards

Incentives are useful for attracting more customers. You can give rewards and referral bonuses to make your customers more engaged. Incentive marketing can easily done with Swell Rewards. This is an affordable platform for newbies and experts.

Swell Rewards Review and Features

Every business owner wants to make their businesses more successful. In doing so, they run various promotional campaigns. But, there are some other ways to promote a business too. For example, a business owner can run various incentive and referral campaigns. Such programs will make current customers more involved. At the same time, the programs can generate new customers very easily. That means, these are techniques for using current customers to bring new ones. Such programs can easily be handled with Swell Rewards. See the awesome review and avail benefits of Swell Rewards with our discount. Get the Swell Rewards coupon today.


Multiple Campaign Options

Generally, an ordinary incentive campaign builder can generate only one or two types of campaigns. But, this program is not an ordinary one. That is why, it comes with 15 amazing designs for such campaigns. These projects will ensure more engagement across all the channels. Incentive marketing projects may have different objectives. You may give rewards by depending on various logics. Hence, this software works with multiple logics to achieve different objectives. Swell Rewards also supports VIP tier programs. Customers will get promoted to the next levels by making a specific number of referrals. A higher level gives more incentive facilities. These VIP tier programs will attract more customers to become a part of your campaigns.

More Referral Channels

Starting an incentive program is not the only important thing. You have to make that program popular among customers. That is why, this software allows various incentive options. Similarly, it allows customers to refer their friends by using various platforms. Some of these platforms are SMS, Facebook, Messenger, and email. An efficient fraud prevention facility of Swell Rewards will make your campaigns more profitable. As an admin, you will be able to watch the actions and participation of every customer in your project.

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Swell Rewards Discount and Pricing

Actually the price of Swell Rewards depends on your targets. Two types of licenses are available for this platform. The Self-Service License is for dealing with maximum 1 thousand monthly orders. It is suitable for working with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. More than 10 types of incentive projects can be generated by it. On the other hand, the Premium License is suitable for emerging brands and enterprises. It helps to create more than 15 types of reward campaigns. Sometimes, you may need to integrate any running channel with email marketing platforms. This solution will help to do so with ease. The price of Self-Service License of Swell Rewards starts from USD 29/month excluding the discount. Depending on your targets, it may rise up to USD 249/month. Similarly, the Premium License is also affordable.

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