Supermetrics Review and Pricing

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We need to collect tons of data to deal with various data management, storing, and spreadsheet apps. You can use Supermetrics to collect millions of marketing data and connect to any of these apps. It is a marketing friendly tool that has different editions for different platforms.

Review of Supermetrics

Smart marketers always consider tons of data before making any decisions. They usually store these data on various platforms. Some of these platforms are Google Sheet, BigQuery, and Excel, etc. It is very tough to manually collect these data and paste these on the dashboards of various apps. For this reason, Supermetrics is a great solution. You just have to connect this app to a suitable solution and start collecting marketing metrics. More importantly, its price is very small compared to its features. Get the marketing add-on with our review. Grab the Supermetrics pricing now. Its top features include:

Google Sheet Add-on

You may know about several spreadsheet applications. The most of these apps are offline tools. Unlike these, Google Sheet is a top quality online spreadsheet application. If you are looking for a marketing add-on this application, then Supermetrics for Google Sheet is strongly recommended. After installing this add-on, there is no need to put any data to your sheet manually. Rather, it is capable of putting all necessary data to respective sheets. Then, these data can easily be connected to various platforms, including web analytics, email marketing, PPC, and social networks. You may need to use these data to create impressive marketing reports. In such cases, Supermetrics is very useful also. It provides multiple ready-made marketing report templates. Just customize these templates and generate necessary reports with ease. This tool is also helpful for sharing your reports trough emails.


Data Studio Tool

The Data Studio is a popular reporting solution on Google. Its data widget has more variety than Google Analytics. You will be able to customize these data very easily. Supermetrics is also available for this solution. Marketers often work with multiple platforms. They need to collect data from all these platforms and put these on a single page. This task has become very easy right now. You just have to connect all these marketing platforms with Supermetrics. Then, all the data from every platform will be arranged at a single place. Then, you will be able to import those to Google Data Studio with ease. Cross platform reporting is another important feature of this solution. It is able to compare various campaigns running on Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All the necessary data will be gathered by this tool automatically.

These Supermetrics products can be availed with our pricing. Other review is not needed for this reporting automation tool.

Excel Toolkit

There should not be any doubt that Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software. Millions of users regularly use it. That is why, Supermetrics add-on is also available for this spreadsheet app. It will let you add all marketing metrics into Excel sheets with ease. There is no need to copy and paste necessary data anymore. All these tasks will be automatically done by this add-on. Sometimes, users face several problems while dealing with large datasets. Supermetrics for Excel will handle all kinds of data files without any problem. A top quality automation has made this solution even more useful. It automates everything from fetching data to sending emails to colleagues.

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BigQuery Solution

BigQuery is a fully managed data warehouse. In other words, it can be considered as a big database that can be accessed by using SQL queries. You can easily add tons of data to this platform by using Supermetrics for BigQuery. There is no need to collect and store data to this database manually. These asks can easily be done by this solution. Sometimes, users may need to create suitable dashboards. In doing so, it can be used with Data Studio connector. Data collected and provided by Supermetrics for BigQuery will be completely ready to be used.

Supermetrics Review & Pricing

For every product of Supermetrics, there are multiple types of licenses. The Google Sheet version of it has a free license, and three paid ones. Its Pro Version is available for only USD 99 per month for a single user without the offered review in 2020. It supports each and every basic data source. The Super Pro license comes with more data sources and a better data refreshing facility. You have to pay only USD 199 per month per user to grab this one. Similarly, its Enterprise License is even more powerful.

The price of Supermetrics of Data Studio starts from USD 39 per month. By paying this amount, you will be able to purchase its Individual Connector license, which is suitable for only a single user. If you want to get it for a team, then the Pro License is a good option. It is suitable for a team of 3 members. And, its monthly cost is only USD 99. Similarly, the price of Excel and BigQuery tools are reasonable also.

Therefore, please get the software with our pricing to deal with tons of data. We hope that the Supermetrics review will be an amazing add-on for you.