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Streak Coupon

Customer relationship management is very important for running a business. We can use this service for the Gmail. There are only a few companies that provide the CRM facility for Gmail. Streak is one of these companies. It has achieved a big popularity in a quick time.

Review and Features of the Streak

When we work in a team, it is very important to contact with our team members. Generally, we use Gmail platform for exchanging all the emails. Similarly, we may need to contact any customer or client. Gmail is a good platform in doing this task. It is very easy to deal with a few people by using this platform. But, you will face several problems while connecting with a big team or big group of people. A customer relationship management solution is very effective to handle such a situation. My recommendation is to depend on the tool for this task. It comes with several features and facilities. Avail these cool features and facilities of Streak with our coupon. Grab the Streak discount today. Some of the features are as follows:

Manage Any Workflow

This solution offers an easy way to manage all the workflows from a single place. For example, you will be able to track each and every lead. There can be several projects that are running. Streak will help to manage those projects very easily. This solution is very much effective for maintaining a good relation with the buyers, sellers, and business clients. Managing the support tickets is very important for any service based business. Streak will allow you to do so. Sometimes, it can be used for collecting and managing the candidate resumes. That means, this solution makes the hiring process easier.


Create Shared Library

This solution is capable of creating a shared library that is commonly written. Generally, we depend on different tools for scheduling our emails. After purchasing this one, there is no need to buy any of those email management solutions. It has a built in email scheduling facility. Sometimes, it can be necessary to send some personalized messages. Streak will help you to deal with those situations. It allows to send those personalized or encrypted messages in a big number. This solution also has an amazing thread splitter facility.

These features offered here can be enjoyed with our discount here. Extra coupon not needed for the CRM software.

Project Management

Streak will allow the users to manage all of their projects from the Gmail accounts. Users will be able to track the task of the project to see the improvements. It makes the work to be done on the mobile phone as well. As users can access their Gmail account from a mobile phone. Users will be able to keep a keen eye on the project from anywhere by just using a mobile phone. With the tool, users will also be able to create reports about the project from their email accounts. These reports will help users to get informed about the project progress and what are the changes users need to make to optimize the project progress.

Streak makes things much more accessible and easy to manage. It also helps users to manage different types of business deals from the inbox. Users will never have a communication gap with their business partners. With this tool, users can easily share their emails with the business partner. It has intuitive designs that will help users to maintain business relations. Users will be able to track all of their outgoing emails with this tool. Users will also be informed by Streak when they need to follow up with the email if there is no reply. Users can even get feedback from the clients by using this application very easily.

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Streak can also help the users to simplify the hiring process. Users will be able to hire their employees very easily by this application. Users can keep track of the resume of the applicants by email. Users can track employees inside their email and see where they talked and check complete conversation history. Users can also share the resume and email of the potential applicants to the recruiting team very easily.  Users can even set the permission level after sharing that not everybody in the company will be able to see the resumes.

Streak Coupon and Pricing

The Personal Plan of Streak is a free one. It comes with some basic CRM features only. It is a simple CRM solution for individuals. The Professional License of this solution comes with some Pro features and advanced reporting facilities. Streak also has a premium email support facility. To get this one, you have to spend only 49 USD per month for every user excluding the coupon. Streak Enterprise comprises of more features and facilities. This one is available for only 99 USD per month per user. Data validation is one of the biggest advantages of this license. Similarly, it also has a data recovery service.

So, please have the CRM for Gmail cheaply with our discount in 2018 to 2019. For any inquiry on the Streak coupon, please contact us.