StoryChief Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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StoryChief Coupon

StoryChief specializes in delivering software as a service like helping startups and editorial teams with content marketing. Founder, Olivier De Cock, has stated that through agility and speed this software will maintain an identical pace – level with the client’s request. With StoryChief’s enhancement, users will become time efficient. They will save as much as six working hours for every article. For each content created, the software will respond with faster distribution of contents. It will also facilitate better and smoother collaboration flows.

Review of StoryChief

With the technology presented by this application, contents can be easily integrated. This will allow greater brand awareness through multi-channel spread. Powerful calendar is accessible for uninterruptible collaboration of content and to quickly plan all future work. Finally, after each task completion on all of the users’ channel the overall impact is measured through performance tracking. If the SC review impressed you, then please proceed for the purchase with our coupon. Grab the StoryChief discount today.

Collaborate Better

When working on a project, a team-based progress is much preferred for faster completion rather than an individual. Similarly, when writing stories, a single user can do the work, but a well-informed team will always finish faster. Hence, StoryChief have built a collaboration platform for team members to efficiently write their own section and contribute effectively. While writing a story, StoryChief’s auto-system will continuously monitor the progress and notify users if there’s error or SEO issues. Some examples of auto-system are optimization-reader where SEO friendliness and Readability percentages are shown, and description list of issues. Consistently, checking the percentage-reader will improve the entire story to become more reader friendly and exciting.


Content Calendar and Fast Publish

The campaign calendar presented by StoryChief is extremely innovative and dynamic. This allows to view weekly tasks in full-mode. Hovering the cursor above each task will open a mini pop box. That will contain date-month-time with work-title and small description. For complete detailed information description, calendar task can open. This will display comparison graph of readers-viewers, and summary of views’ source. To publish across multiple popular platform, a single click auto-publisher is available that’ll spread users’ stories to all integrated apps. StoryChief also provides full publishing control where users can schedule the pace of post by accepting or declining post-request. By discovering suitable targeted readers, users can increase engagement by adding the generated leads on their list building applications.

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Benefits of the Application

One of the most important benefits for the users using Storychief that the social media accounts of the users can be maintained from one central place. Users can post the same content on all their social media sites just from the dashboard. Whether it is a new product arrival notice or a new offer package, users can post these announcement contents on all social media sites without logging in them separately. It also helps users to rank the product in the Google search engine in order to get a lot of viewers.

StoryChief helps to generate more new leads and help users to get a lot of engagements. StoryChief allows the users to provide insights regarding the performance of their content. So that users can easily bring a lot of conversion and sales to the site. It will provide board understanding regarding the content in order to customize the content to make completely unique content and bring more conversion to the site. Users can automate the workflow so that users can make sure that they do not need to do the same task again and again. Users can craft a unique strategy.

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Customer Support Team

StoryChief provides constant support so that users can get a solution to the problem they face in online business. So whenever users need that they can get support and get a solution to the site. With this tool, users will be able to work with their team and make progress to upgrade the sales faster with ease. Users just can keep the content in one place so that the management of the content becomes much easier to handle as well. It will help users to develop a long lasting relationship with the customers so that users can drive more sales faster. StoryChief will also help users to do search engine copywriting in order to create unique content by just using the copywriting facility.

StoryChief Coupon and Prices

Story Chief won’t force writers to pay for signing up. Therefore, they’ve released their free packaged subscription for everyone. The Free account lets users publish five engaging articles or stories each month. Users can forever use this service. However, the StoryChief Pro plan lets team members to collaborate together and delivers premium functions for $10 excluding the coupon in 2021. For additional knowledge and opportunities, there’s a blog section. This section is accessible for both audiences and users to read or apply for jobs.

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