Storie Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes December 2021

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Storie coupon

Storie will help users to create animated Instagram and Facebook videos to promote their website. So that users can promote their social media sites and promote their eye-catching packages to gain attention through stories. These days stories catch a big amount of attention in the market. Making engaging stories can also help users to increase the traffic conversion rate as well. Users can simply choose from mobile-optimized template sand customize it to post it as stories.

Storie Review

Storie provides each template with convincing design so that it is not only engaging but also can draw a massive amount of audience as well. It has the story templates from multiple different niches. It provides templates for Food, fitness and many other sections as well. So that users will never run out of choices easily. Users will be able to bring conversion easily with this application. Have the video creator with our coupon. Grab the Storie discount now.

Highlights of the Application

The brand of this application has been designed in the highest of the specification. So that users can get optimum performance and create impact while promoting this product in online. Users can simply customize this application by adding a brand message with the viola easily. Instagram story ads can be challenging to make at times simply because it has different sets of specs and requirements for the users.  So to create an Instagram ad, users need to follow the specific spec.

Using Storie will help users to follow those specs precisely and comprehensively without too many hassles.   Users also can follow the maximum file size, text, and responsiveness with this tool. Users will get optimum results on the resolution and the final product as well. It has been a common concern that 80 percent of social networks are accessed throughout the mobile phone. Therefore, designing the stories according to mobile specs, resolution and other elements becomes important in the long term.


No Need Designer

Storie will save a good amount of money for the users as this program will help users to stay away from designers. Users will not require to hire any kind of designer for designing their stories. User can just simply customize the store template and create unique looking stories in just a few touches. Users do not require to use any brand messaging concept to any kind of external company as users will be able to create the concept within a few clicks of their mouse. It is so easy to use that, users can use it with just a point click system.

Storie Coupon and Pricing

In 2020, Storie has 3 different packages to offer at the moment. The basic price has been priced at only 7.95 dollars without the promo code. The pro package is priced at only 37 dollars per month. Last but not least, the premium package is priced at only 297 dollars per year.

Therefore, create animated website easily with our discount to promote videos. Please for any query about Storie coupon contact us.