Statusbrew Coupon and Discount on Social Media Management Tool

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Statusbrew Coupon

A social network can bring so many customers to you. If your target is to take the full advantage of these networks, it is better to use a social media management solution. A few tools can be suggested for this task. Statusbrew is of course a great suggestion.

Statusbrew Review and Features

Targeting a single social platform is not enough nowadays. Along with Facebook and Twitter, so many social networks have achieved a very big popularity. That is why, you have to deal with all of these. Now the problem is, every social media management solutions do not support all these networks. The most of these tools can deal with either Facebook or Twitter or both. But, some other names like Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also very much popular. To deal with all these platforms, you can rely on Statusbrew. Get the reliable SB with our discount coupon. Simply refer to the SB image and grab the Statusbrew discount. This amazing social media management software comes with following features and facilities:

Ensure Audience Growth

Statusbrew provides different facilities to grow the number of audiences very quickly. Your social accounts will be created for some interests. This solution will consider these interests to find out a big number of relevant audiences. In doing so, it can execute so many DM campaigns. Generating these campaigns is not the only important thing. This software will also monitor the progress of each of these campaigns. Statusbrew will establish a very good communication with every audience and lead. Some graphical representations will also be made by it to show the audience growth.

Post Scheduling

An amazing scheduled posting program is added to this software. This program supports multiple social accounts. For every account, it can create so many scheduled posts. There is nothing to set these posts manually all the times. Statusbrew is capable of using different CSV files to generate the posts. Content recycling is very much important for all kinds of social campaigns. This software has a built-in recycler, which can work with multiple content.


Statusbrew Coupon and Pricing

With different type of audience growth tools, the Free Plan of Statusbrew is available. But, this one can work with only a single profile/network and a limited number of scheduled posts. That is why, my recommendation is to choose any paid edition of this product. There are actually two paid licenses. One of these is the Essential License. This one is capable of dealing with 10 social network accounts. In a yearly billing system, the monthly cost of this solution is only 20 USD excluding the coupon. Statusbrew Teams and Businesses comes can also deal with 10 different accounts. But, it can be handled by a team of multiple members. That is why, the cost of this solution is only 40 USD per unit as per 8 March 2018. It provides a centralized admin panel, from where you can manage everything with ease.

So, get the social media management tool with discount. We believe that the Statusbrew coupon is going to get you impressed.