SQLite Expert Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Have SQLite Expert discount as 15% cash back for any license below.

SQLite Expert Professional – single license + update subscription

SQLite Expert Professional – site license + update subscription

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SQLite Expert discount

SQLite is a very popular database management system. This embedded solution is not so easy to handle. To handle this thing quiet easily, we suggest to use the SQLite Expert. It is a top quality SQLite administrative tool.

SQLite Expert Review

New users often struggle while using a database management system. SQLite is not like the other database management systems. It is an embedded system. That is why, only a few administrative tools are available for it. SQLite Expert is one of these solutions. This solution is able to view, edit, restructure, import, and export SQLite database. More importantly, it is an affordable software. Get the software easily with our discount and enjoy all the amazing features and benefits. Grab the SQLite Expert coupon now.

Manage Databases

Actually, SQLite Expert probably has all the features that a database administrator tool should have. This solution is capable of creating, viewing, and changing parameters. Sometimes, databases may need to be repaired. In such cases, there is no need to depend on another tool to repair those. This administrator tool has a built-in program to repair the damaged databases. Similarly, creating backups of databases can be done by this solution also. It has a built in DDL compare tool. In every database, there can be a big number of tables. You will be able to create, rename, and reindex these tables. Sometimes, these tables may need to be restructured. In those cases, SQLite Expert will allow customizing fields, foreign keys, indexes, and other elements with ease. Sometimes, you may need to add temporary tables and views. This software is helpful for adding these things.

SQLite Expert

Visual Query Builder

One of the finest features of this software is its visual SQL query builder. All kinds of complex queries can easily be created by this tool. Similarly, it can also analyze any query with ease. An advanced SQL editor has been added there. You don’t have to think about the data editing. Its built-in data editor is helpful for editing images. The supported image formats are GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG. SQLite Expert allows to import and export data. You are allowed to import data from CSV files, SQ scripts, and other files. Similarly, it is possible to export data to Excel, CSV files, and SQL scripts.

SQLite Expert Discount and Pricing

There are two perpetual licenses of SQLite Expert. The Professional Single License is suitable for a single computer. That means, you can use this for personal projects. Only $99 should be paid to access it without any promo code. The Professional Site License can be bought by paying only $999. This product should be installed on a site. Then, all the devices connected to that site will be able to use it. Here the perpetual license means you can use this software indefinitely. During the license time, you are allowed to get all the supports and updates without any extra charge. SQLite Expert has both the auto-renewal and manually renewal methods for its license.

Hence, purchase the database administration software with our coupon. For any query about SQLite Expert discount kindly contact us.