SQL Manager Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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SQL Manager discount

The SQL Server is used by a big number of people. Sometimes, users look for useful tools for the SQL database administration, development, and management. SQL Manager is an impressive company that provides all these tools.

SQL Manager Review

SQL and MySQL are two popular platforms for them who uses different types of databases. They need to transfer, add, organize, and customize these data very quickly. But, the manual process of doing each of these tasks is very difficult. That is why, we suggest to purchase suitable products of SQL Manager. This company provides various essential tools for MySQL and SQL Server. If you are happy with the review please purchase with our discount. Grab the SQL Manager coupon now.

Database Administration

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a powerful database administration tool for MySQL. This software is capable of working with all versions of MySQL. For example, it is compatible with MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Aurora, etc. All kinds of Unicode data and metadata are supported by it. There are some similar tools that provide difficult techniques to manage MySQL objects. But, this one comes with a very easy technique in doing so. After purchasing it, there is no need to purchase another tool for the data manipulation. A built-in data manipulation facility is added here. EMS SQL Manager for MySQL helps establishing a connection to MySQL through both the HTTP and SSH. More importantly, this solution has a very easy wizard to apply and manage every feature.

SQL Manager

EMS Data Export

Another very important product of SQL Manager is the EMS Data Export for MySQL. This tool is suitable for exporting MySQL database data on the files of different formats. Some of these file formats are PDF, CSV, XML, and TXT, etc. Its Unicode data support will let you export MySQL data from any table you want. Sometimes, users may need to change the orders of data. This ask can easily be done by using EMS Data Export for MySQL.

SQL Manager Discount and Pricing

This company provides a very impressive pricing for each of its products. For example, the EMS SQL Manager for MySQL has several plans. Its non-commercial license is available for only $110 without any promo code. After paying this amount. You will get a 1-year maintenance facility. A big number of users like to get more years of maintenance. In such a case, a user has to pay only USD 154 and USD 187 for purchasing it with a maintenance facilities of 2 years and 3 years respectively. The price of its business license starts from only $180. Similarly, EMS Data Export for MySQL has multiple licenses also. Its price starts from only USD 60. Some other popular products of SQL Manager are Data Import for MySQL, SQL Backup for SQL Server, and SQL Administrator for SQL Server.

Get all the SQL tools cheaply with our coupon now. Hopefully, the SQL Manager discount will satisfy your needs.