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Spyly discount

If you want to increase the conversion rate on any site, then spying on visitors is very important. But, this thing should be done ethically. There are only a few tools that can do it ethically. Spyly is one of these solutions.

Spyly Review

Sometimes, website owners add so many things on their sites to attract people. But, people click on somewhere else. Suppose, you have added a hyperlink to an image. But, that image does not convert the people. Rather, people are clicking on another image. If you can find out the image that is liked by the most visitors, then that image can be used for converting. Spyly is a software that can find out all these potential of a site by monitoring visitors. This visitor monitoring software has so many features. Get the software cheaply with our discount to increase the conversion rate. Grab the Spyly coupon now.

Unique Tracking Script

There are some other visitor tracking solutions that are capable of providing tracking scripts for websites. But, Spyly does this job quite efficiently. It is able to generate a unique tracking script for every site. You just have to install the script to suitable website. Then, this solution will start monitoring visitors instantly. Among various features of this software, user analyzer is one of the most effective ones. By using this feature, it will analyze the behavior of every visitor. So, you will be able to understand the top performing elements of a targeted site. Spyly also has a geo-analyzer facility by which it helps understand the area from where people are coming and getting converted.


Heatmap Finder

Another great feature of this software is its click tracking facility. It is helpful in finding which areas are getting more clicks. By this manner, you will be able to understand where you have to put more attractive contents. User’s scrolling proportion finder is another great tool. By using this tool of Spyly, you can easily understand which areas are engaging more people. Less-engaging parts should be enhanced as much as possible to ensure a better conversion. This entire solution is fully mobile friendly. That means, it is capable of tracking visitors that come via mobile devices.

Spyly Discount & Pricing

We have already mentioned that Spyly offers tracking scripts that can be installed on any site. Depending on the number of scripts and payment policy, this solution has two different licenses. The Monthly License is available for only $49 without the discount. It allows to install tracking scripts on only 99 websites. On the other hand, the Yearly License supports 999 websites. You just have to pay $69 to access it. Both these licenses of Spyly provide some additional facilities. For example, you will be able to use it to serve your clients. That means, it includes a commercial right. All the future updates and enhancements will be provided without any additional costs.

Therefore, please get the software with our coupon and increase conversion rate of any site easily. For any information about the Spyly discount please kindly contact us.