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SociAutomate Coupon

A big number of social media marketers fail to get some profitable content. They miss one powerful tool, which can find out these contents and make some automated posts. SociAutomate is a nice and easy solution for this task.

Review and Features of SociAutomate

If you create something to post on a social network, it is tough to predict the result of this post. It can generate a huge traffic. It may not attract as many people as you desire. This is one important issue. Another important thing is, a marketer may not have enough time to make bulk posts on different platforms. Both these issues can be solved with one simple, but powerful tool. The name of this software is SociAutomate. You can get SA with our discount coupon. The SociAutomate discount will provide the product at a much affordable price. This software comes with a big number of essential features. Some major features are as follows:

Easy Content Hijacking

Instead of generating some new content, this software will hijack the already proven content of others. That means, it will use the successful posts created by your competitors. As these are already successful, you will be able to grab a huge traffic by utilizing any of these. Social media automation is one of the best features of SociAutomate. After setting this thing up once, you can sleep on your bed. It will automatically post the selected content on different social networks. There are some other tools, which can work with one particular social platform each. But, this one is capable of dealing with multiple platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


SociAutomate Coupon and Reasonable Pricing

There are some tools, which provide one cost effective license, and some ordinary licenses. SociAutomate comes with two different licenses. Both these licenses can be considered as cost saving. The Lite Edition of this software comprises every basic feature. To purchase this edition, you have to pay only 37.95 USD as per the date when this post is created. The Pro Special Edition of this software can be purchased by paying only 47.95 USD excluding the coupon. This edition of SociAutomate comes with some advanced features. For example, this one will let you follow unlimited social media accounts. Similarly, it also helps to generate the libraries of unlimited content. By using these libraries, it is possible to generate unlimited posts.

Auto-Recycling Facility

You cannot disagree that everyday some new posts are becoming viral. With these posts, there will some new content. That is why, SociAutomate provides an auto-recycling facility. It can use this feature to grab some new posts regularly. You can use these to generate more viral posts. Automatic scheduling facility is an important feature of this software. You just have to add some posts in it. Then, it will automatically post these content one after another. SociAutomate also provides a custom scheduling facility. This software is capable of working with the images as well as the videos.

So, have the cool software with our discount. We believe that the SociAutomate coupon will be loved by you.