SocialBu Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

Avail SocialBu coupon as 15% cash back. Applies on 1st invoice any plan purchase: Starter, Standard and Super.

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SocialBu coupon

Though there are so many social media management tools, all these tools do not provide a top quality automation facility. SocialBu comes with an advanced automation facility for various kinds of social platforms.

Review of SocialBu

It is not difficult to handle a single or two social media accounts or pages at a time. But, dealing with multiple platforms at the same time is a very tough task. This task can easily be done with a top quality social media management and automation software. SocialBu is one of these advanced tools. It is suitable for expert marketers and newbies. Get the software with our offered coupon. Grab the SocialBu discount now. Let’s have a look at some of its impressive features:

Advanced Scheduling

There is no need to post on multiple social network in multiple sessions. You will be able to make posts on multiple social platforms at the same time with SocialBu. This software is capable of working with various social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Even, you don’t have to switch among these accounts manually. Just add these once to your dashboard. This solution supports an advanced post scheduling facility. That is why, each and every post will be published in time. Similarly, it is able to post Instagram stories as per a premade schedule. Both the image and video stories can be published by using it. There are some other Instagram story scheduling tool that is able to deal with only a few stories at a time. But, SocialBu has a bulk story scheduling facility. It can upload these posts directly from a CSV file.


Social Monitoring

It is a fact that social networks are now media for communicating with customers and clients. Marketers often create different pages to communicate with them. Customers always want that their questions are answered very quickly. You won’t be able to do so manually, because customers may send messages on different platforms. SocialBu provides a centralized conversation console for all these social platforms. That is why, you can reply each and every incoming message from a single place. Even, this software allows to post comments and monitor every conversation from that centralized console. And, it has keyword and hashtag tracking facilities.

SocialBu Coupon & Pricing

Depending on the number of social media accounts, there are various licenses of SocialBu. Its Starter License is available for only $8 per month without the promo code. This one supports only 4 social media accounts. You can use it to create a schedule for maximum 50 posts at a time. If your target is a bigger number of scheduled posts, then the Standard License is recommended. This one can be bought by paying only $19 per month. It supports 12 different social accounts. Similarly, the Super Plan supports 30 social media accounts. This license of SocialBu is available with only USD 59 per month. One thousand scheduled posts are supported by it.

So, please get the social media management tool with our discount. For any other information of SocialBu coupon please contact us.