SocialBee Discount: Have Brilliant Coupon and Pricing

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SocialBee Discount

Different types of social networks are used as the platforms for online marketing. It is very difficult to handle all these networks manually. For this reason, a reliable social media autopilot should be used. SocialBee is a top quality solution for this task.

Review of the SocialBee at a Glance

To attract more audience, a marketer has to post several contents of Facebook and other social networks. Generating these contents is not a very tough task. There are several tools can do so with ease. But, posting these contents on different social networks in the right time is a tough task. A person cannot handle so many posts on all these platforms. In doing this task, SocialBee is an impressive software. This tool can share your contents on different platforms. After that, it helps to mix those links and make those contents more effective. Avail the exclusive SB features with our discount. Grab the SocialBee coupon today by following the aforementioned SB image procedure.

Category Based Scheduling

One of the finest features of SocialBee is its content mixing capability. If you post the similar types of contents over and over again, only a few people may like those. That is why, this software supports multiple categories. It is able to create a schedule based on all these categories. Then, it will post different types of contents on different times. For this reason, you will get a bigger audience in a quicker time. SocialBee also has a post expiration capability. That is why, it will stop posting some specific contents after the time you set.


Offers Visual Calendar

This software has an ability post on different platforms. Some of these platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In case of the Facebook, it will post on your profiles, pages, and groups. It has the buffer integration facility. For this reason, it can post efficiently on Google+ and Instagram. SocialBee offers an impressive visual calendar. This calendar will show you all the future posts and their schedules. For this reason, you will be able to utilize every day very efficiently.

SocialBee Discount and Pricing Plans

Four different plans are available for the SocialBee. Bootstrap Plan of this product supports only 5 social profiles. This licenses is capable of dealing with only 10 content categories. It can be bought by paying only $29 every month, excluding the provided discount. The Accelerate Plan of this software is available for only 49 USD per month prior to 2019. This one is capable of handling 10 different social profiles. It supports 50 categories of contents. Both these licenses offer the tool only. These licenses do not provide any concierge service. The SocialBee Managed Growth supports one concierge service and the Managed Concierge Plus supports two services. These licenses are available for only $98 and $197 per month respectively. This software also has a trial edition.

Therefore, please take advantage of the cool SB features in 2019 with our coupon. We believe, you will enjoy the SocialBee discount.