Social Champ Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Have Social Champ discount as 15% cash back. The offer applies on 1st invoice of any plan purchase.

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Social Champ discount

Instead of purchasing multiple social media management tools, it is better to purchase an efficient solution. Generally, a reliable social media management solution provides the features of each and every necessary tool. The Social Champ is a top quality solution for this task.

Social Champ Review

Social profiles are capable of bringing a big number of customers of leads. In doing so, you have to manage several profiles, pages, and groups on multiple platforms. It is not easy to manage all these things manually. A reliable social media management and automation solution is necessary for that. Social Champ can be considered as a great choice for running social campaigns. It is suitable for individuals and teams. Please get the tool with our discount. Grab the Social Champ coupon now. Its top features and facilities are as follows:

Content Curation

Every social media marketing or promotional campaign requires high quality content. There are two ways to get content. The conventional process is to create every post manually. This is a very effective way to generate unique content. But, it takes a while. That is why, the post frequency becomes very less. And, a big number of audience will lose their interest. To solve this issue, Social Champ provides an amazing content curator. Actually, this tool is adept at discovering posts from different social accounts. You just have to provide two things in here. First of all, various social media accounts should be connected. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. After that, just a topic should be inserted. Then, Social Champ will search all these platforms to discover relevant content to that topic. And then, it will curate these posts to make a unique post.

Social Champ

Social Media Automation

One of the finest features of Social Champ is its automation facility. Its bulk upload feature will let you post tons of content at a time. In doing so, this software can easily import content from CSV files. It will do this task by depending on a schedule. You may set this schedule for days, weeks, months, and even for a year. That means, this software is a time-saving one. Sometimes, marketers need to post the same content repeatedly. In such cases, the automatic repeating facility of this solution is very effective. Social Champ is capable of collecting various types of content. Some of these content are quotes, images, and comments, etc. Its recycle feature helps post a list of contents sequentially. Whenever a list is completed, it will start posting from the beginning. You may post these content on multiple social accounts at the same time.

These cool Social Champ features could be availed with our coupon. Extra primary discount is not needed for the SocialChamp tool.

Team Collaboration

In many cases, you may control your social accounts, pages, and groups without taking the help of others. But sometimes, it becomes so important to form a team to manage lots of social media at a time. In such cases, the team collaboration facility of Social Champ is very useful. This software allows other team members of to access different social platforms without sharing their passwords. That means, you will be able to restrict their access. You will be offered an admin role. After that, you will get the power to approve or decline any content posted by others. Similarly, each and every post may easily be tracked. Social Champ offers a team collaboration button named “My Team”. By using that button, it is possible to invite and accept new team members.

Social Champ pricing

Monitoring Analytics

Generally, people purchase a separate tool for analyzing their social media performance. Social Champ has a built in performance tracking solution. So, there is no need to get an additional tool for this task. It will track each and every post and monitor their performance. So, the top performing posts can easily be tracked. This software is able to export every analytical report to CSV files. An advanced sorting facility is another great feature of Social Champ. It will allow you to sort the analytics in terms of likes, shares, or comments, etc. Depending on these analytics, you will be able to make the next posts more effective.

Social Champ Discount & Pricing

Each and every plan of Social Champ may be bought by paying monthly or yearly. Here, only the monthly price is mentioned. You will get a 10% off while buying it by paying yearly. It Professional Plan is available for only $10 per month. It supports 15 social media profiles and 300 scheduled posts for every account. The Champion Plan can be bought by paying only USD 29 per month without any promo code in 2021. This one is able to work with 25 social media profiles and 1000 scheduled posts per account.

Its Business Plan is suitable for a team having up to 5 members. It supports 50 profiles and 1500 scheduled posts per account. Only $99 should be paid in a month to have this license. Similarly, the Social Champ Agency License can be purchased by paying only USD 199 per month. It supports 100 social media profiles. You can have it if the number of your team members is maximum ten.

Hence, please get the social media management tool with our coupon. We hope the Social Champ discount will be very helpful.