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Smartsupp Review

Smartsupp is an application that provides the users the chances to make sure that users can set up the chat box in order to chat with the viewers. It is important to do customer activation in order to ensure that the customers are coming back to the website all the time. Interaction with viewers can help users to update their style of working. Users will know the preference of the viewers. So using Smartsupp will allow the users to chat with the customer whenever a customer visits the site. If you have liked the Smartsupp review and features, then make sure to purchase the software with the provided discount coupon. Just follow the procedure in image and receive the Smartsupp discount.

Important Features

Smartsupp provides the users chances to do conversation with the visitors. Total quality management is really important for any of the website. It is to ensure that users are providing the premium product to the customers. The premium products can help to make high amount of profit. In order for that, it is essential to know the customer preference. May be sometimes users are spending on wrong source where customer’s or the visitor’s priority is different. Therefore, knowing the priority is really important for the users. So that they can deal with the customers better.

On the other hand, chatting with customers will allow users to do survey about the product. People can know what kind of products the visitors want to see in the website. They can also for what reason the visitor has come to visit the website. Users can also know how the visitor found the website. Overall, it can help to increase the total quality of the service.

Smartsupp can be used to ask questions to the visitors. Visitors might need help in order to navigate in the page. So asking the question to the visitors will help to know what things they need. Users can also know whether the visitor find the site helpful. This program has been designed in a way that whenever visitors want to ask question to the users there will be a notification button popping up so that users do not miss to answer any question of the visitors. Users also will be able to see the names of the visitors.

Record The Screen

Smartsupp provides the ability to record the screen of the visitors which means users will have documentation of whatever the visitors do in the website. It will show the behavior of the visitors and what are thing that visitors see the most when they come to the website.

Smartsupp Coupon and Pricing Plans

Smartsupp has yearly and monthly pricing plans. The standard package for 1 year is only 8 dollars per year. The pro package for 1 year is only 19 dollars per month. Both of these packages are agency packages. The standard package for month has been priced at only 10 dollars. The pro package for 1 month is only 23.75 dollars without the promo code.

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