Smartlook Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Review

Enjoy fantastic 15% cash back for Starter or Power Plan, which is providing as Smartlook discount. Please check SL image below for the discount.

Smartlook Discount

If you want to make a website more profitable, it is important to have the total picture. In other word, the behavior of every user must be tracked. In doing so, a website recording tool is required. My recommendation is to go for Smartlook. It comes with a powerful session replay tool.

A Quick Review of the Smartlook

Generally, we run so many campaigns to drive a big traffic to a website. This activity is undoubtedly very much important. But, you should also focus on the rate of conversion. This thing can be done by monitoring the behavior of every user. That means, you have to find out their interests on your site. And then, some necessary facilities should be added there. A top quality web recording tool can do this task very easily. Smartlook is an efficient web and mobile app recording tool. Get the efficient SL with our discount. Grab the Smartlook coupon today. This affordable solution provides some very important features.


Suitable for All Sites

Smartlook is not just for a few sites. You can use this one any type of website to be fact. For example, it helps to find out the visitor behavior on an eCommerce site. So, you will be able to convert more visitors into customers. This solution is capable of working on the media websites. That means, it helps to find out the interests of each viewer. Similarly, this solution is suitable for any educational, healthcare, travel, gaming, and other sites. Smartlook is compatible with various web apps. Some of these apps are WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and PrestaShop, etc.

Visitor Monitoring

Every website owner runs various ad campaigns. Suppose, you also have several ads on different sites. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, he will be redirected to your site. Smartlook starts monitoring his activities of that visitor from the first click. And, it ends monitoring till the visitor leaves your site. That means, you will get the full context regarding every visitor. Sometimes, only a few activities may need to be monitored. Smartlook provides some effective filter. These filters will help you to select some important activities very easily. Every session of a visitor can be replayed by this solution also.

Smartlook Discount and Different Pricing Plans

Suppose, you are a newbie. There should be a small number of visits to a new website. Suppose, you need to monitor the sessions of only 5000 visits in a month. In this case, the Startup License is suitable. It will cost only EUR 19 in a month excluding the discount. This license has a user identification and heatmap generating facility. And, it keeps recording every user activity. If the number of targeted visits increases, its cost increase. For example, it costs only EUR 32 for 25 thousand monthly visits. The Power Plan of Smartlook comes with more advanced features. Its price starts from EUR 79. It is capable of dealing with unlimited funnels and events.

In conclusion, grab the product analytics tool with our coupon. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Smartlook discount.