Slidebean Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes December 2021

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Slidebean Coupon

To create any beautify presentation file, there exists a lot of platforms having a wide range of facilities. But, if you try to get a flexible one, then Slidebean would be the first choice. With the support of this platform, you can simply create stunning presentation files. It offers the best features having many advanced level conditions. In fact; users can observe the best experience from this platform.

Slidebean and Its Summary

Slidebean focuses on the startup market section. Within this category, all the features have been included. Besides, there exists an active blog. This blog is responsible to maintain the startup experience with dedicated functionalities. To create any type of presentation file, it affords all the needed tools with user friendly templates. These templates can also be customized if they are needed. After the completion process, you will get the opportunity to publish them on required site. In fact, you can share them with others with real time activity. Enjoy these cool features of the presentation software with our coupon. Simply follow the SB image instructions and get the Slidebean discount.

Features List

Available Templates: Slidebean offers almost 16 different templates. From the available template section, you can pick up any specific one. In fact; there exists a variation in the template section. Like, if you want to create your own resume, then you can pick up the Resume template. Here, users will find thesis or defence based template, company info template, service proposal, board meeting template, marketing plan, monthly marketing report, service proposal, SWOT analysis etc. All these templates are effective in their own case.

Inner Functionality: After opening any template, Slidebean loads some basic features as well as the functionalities. To insert additional element like charts, icons, images, videos and GIFs, there exists a simple option. The available text portion can simply be modified in the style section. To preview an outstanding feel, all these conditions are very helpful.

Additional Supports: Slidebean includes some additional facilities to make any presentation file more creative. After completing the task, you can easily export it to PDF format. But there exist some limitations. Like, there is no option to export into PPT format, lacking in proper customization process of available templates.


Fonts of Slidebean

Slidebean provides many different types of designs of fonts that users can use to write content. So basically users have many fonts including Calibri, Italian style, and many others. Users can choose to write their content in bold size or small size as well.

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Benefits of the Application

Slidebean just requires the users to fill in the blanks to create a unique presentation. Users just need to fill in the data in the gap and they will create a unique presentation.  It saves a lot of time as users do not need to spend hours to create their presentation slides. Users can simply use minutes to create them as everything is ready-made. These presentation templates can be used for startup companies. Slidebean will help them create a pitch presentation that can help to convince investors to invest in their business. Investors look for the data when they hear ideas from startup companies. The only thing investors care about is whether they will make a profit investing in your idea.

Therefore, more than pitch they want to see the data and the idea should be unique and practical. For that users need to present the data in the simplest form possible. As the investor does not have a lot of time to breakdown long data. Slidebean will help users by providing different types of designs for interpreting data. Users can choose the slide that they think the most appropriate slide from all the slide suggestions. All the designs of these applications are done by complete experts. Users can get all the professional designs so that their presentation will look professional as well.

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Content and Storytelling

Slidebean takes care of every single aspect of the design and lets users focus on the content and storytelling of the presentation. The core of any presentation is storytelling and content. So when users promote storytelling without focusing on design, users can be able to tell the story more effectively. It has all the instructions that are easy to follow. All these instructions can follow by anybody. For consultants provide different types of templates including work plan and project proposal as well. Users can also create agency templates and customize them. Users can also do marketing plan presentation for agencies with the templates provided by this tool.

Slidebean Coupon and Pricing

Slidebean offers three different plans. For Students and Teachers, Individual plan is a suitable one. To get this, you need to pay $8/month. For consultants, $24/month is asked excluding the coupon in 2021. This plan is suitable for 3 team members. If you occupy a team having 5 members, then you need to pay $36/month for the professional plan.

Hence, please get the presentation software with our discount. So if you like to have any of SB’s 3 premium plans, grab the Slidebean coupon in the form of cashback today.