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Skilexa coupon

Among different online platforms, Amazon Alexa is a very important source of potential customers. You just have to reach these customers by offering engaging content. Skilexa will help you do so. This cloud-based app is capable of creating flash briefings for this platform.

Skilexa Review

Though there are a big number of online platforms to find out new customers, all these are not equally effective. Amazon Alexa is not the main target of most of the marketers. But, this platform is used by so many people. You can take this chance and convert these users into new customers. In doing so, attention grabbing flash briefings should be created and posted. Skilexa is an impressive tool that can be used for this task. It comes with lots of important features and facilities. If you are happy with the review please purchase with our coupon. Grab the Skilexa discount now.

Multiple Types of Briefings

Skilexa is able to generate multiple types of flash briefings. These contents can contain audio files, text paragraphs, and other things. You will be able to import own audio files. On the other hand, this app supports text files also. After adding a text, this software will automatically convert that into audio files. No additional text to speech converter should be used for this task. It is also capable of curating audios and texts from the previous posts. Nowadays, podcasts are very much popular. Skilexa is capable of curating from all kinds of podcasts. Syndicating these podcasts can be done by this amazing app. That is why, there will be a bigger possibility of getting more new customers.


Effective Scheduler

This app allows its users to create several briefings at a time. Then, it will help create a schedule for all these contents. Auto-posting is another great feature of it. This software will automatically post your briefings to bring new customers automatically. Similarly, you will also get an amazing auto-recorder. So, there is no need to depend on a third party app to create and import audio files. Skilexa has a built-in content generator. Text and audio contents can easily be created by using it. A cloud audio library has made this app even more useful.

Skilexa Coupon and Pricing

We just have mentioned a few features of Skilexa. This cloud-based flash briefing creator has lots of other features. As it’s a powerful app, a big number of people may be ready to pay a big amount to grab a license. Its actual price is only USD 197, which is not so big without the coupon. But now, this solution is available for only USD 37.95. A more important thing is, this is the one-time fee for Skilexa. That means, there will be no panic for monthly recurring fees. Lots of free facilities are added to its license as bonuses. And, you will get a money back guarantee also.

Hence purchase the cloud app easily with our discount. Hopefully the Skilexa coupon will make you happy.