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SiteGuarding discount

It is not a big deal to find out a protection solution for computers and mobile phones. But, finding out a proper security solution for websites is not so easy. SiteGuarding provides top quality corporate site and other site securities.

SiteGuarding Review

There are different types of websites. Different websites may need different types of security services. For example, WordPress sites require a specialized solution to stay safe from malwares, hackers, and other attacks. On the other hand, Joomla sites require a different software. Similarly, personal sites and corporate websites need separate tools to stop the threats. SiteGuarding comes with various types of website security tools. Each of these tools is efficient and affordable. If you are satisfied with the review please purchase the security software with our discount. Grab the SiteGuarding coupon now.

Corporate Site Security

For any kind of professional site, the SiteGuarding Corporate Security Solution is very much useful. This product is capable of protecting a site from all kinds of attacks and hackers. Visitor’s data, web files, and customer info will be secured by it. This protection solution will analyze thousands of files with ease. Sometimes, website owners need to scan every file change. This solution is capable of doing so with ease. The server-side scanning can be done with it with ease. Another great advantage of this this SiteGuarding product is its unlimited page supports. That means, you can protect unlimited pages by using this amazing software. Similarly, blacklist removal of Google, Norton, and other platforms can be done with it.


Joomla Protection

Another great product of SiteGuarding is its Joomla Protection service. Generally, Joomla users face problems while finding out a reliable tool to protect their websites. This software comes with an impressive malware detection facility for Joomla sites. It includes several other small tools also. For example, your site will get a Joomla Antivirus and a blacklist monitoring facility. A daily reporting system has made it more user-friendly. Joomla Protection has an automatic scanning facility. So, you don’t have to waste your valuable time to scan your Joomla site manually.

SiteGuarding Discount & Pricing

Almost every product of SiteGuarding comes with multiple licenses. For example, the Corporate Website Security has two different licenses. Its Standard License is available for only EUR 2.69 per month for every site without the discount. It can stop hacking attempts and virus. But, DDoS attacks cannot be stopped by this product. Up to 25 thousand pages can be analyzed by it. Similarly, its Premium License can be bought by paying only EUR 5.39 per month for every site. It supports the DDoS attack prevention facility. And, you will be able to protect maximum 100 thousand files with this license. Similarly, you have to pay only EUR 9.95 per month to grab the SiteGuarding Joomla Protection. It is possible to grab this product for a year. In that case, an attractive discounted fee should be paid.

Therefore, please get the protection software cheaply with our coupon. We hope the SiteGuarding discount will make you happy.