Sitecontact Discount: Get Coupon on Top Analytics Application

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Have cool 25% cash back for monthly or yearly license, providing as Sitecontact discount. Kindly see the SC image for discount.

Sitecontact Discount

Review of Sitecontact

For online marketers, generating leads is everything; otherwise how else will a user make profitable income compared to competitors? There’re various kinds of online marketers, and marketers who hesitate in this field are the ones that suffer the most. Hesitant users fail to earn a profitable amount due to inablitiy to get leads and have traffic flowing. Numerous service providers are also to blame as they promise users handsome rewards, and in return gives nothing. Therefore, without any useless limitation and with a rewarding system involved, all users are recommended to grab the Sitecontact software. If you liked the SC review, then please proceed for the purchase with our discount. The Sitecontact coupon is going to be useful. Sitecontact delivers users with the ability to get thousands of leads and expand limitless list through their advanced tools:


Sitecontact dashboard has all the important tools from where users can control all activities related to the software. To manage pages on sites like Facebook, there is a separate section provided for such purposes. Through the Facebook Pages’ section, users will get to view all their existing pages and view the total subscriber numbers. To broadcast messages to a wider group of audiences, users can refer to the Broadcast Message section. Also, to avoid manual task, users can schedule their broadcast messages by setting up broadcasting time and dates. Other actions like managing users, and getting daily reports can also be performed through the dashboard.


Everything Unlimited

Other software usually allows users to connect up to five pages with the application. Sitecontact, as stated on top, has no limitations as to how many times it gets used. Therefore, users can literally connect the software to all their pages to add maximum clients to their list. Also, users will have the opportunity to deal with five thousand subscribers on each of their clients’ list. Combining limitless customer list with five thousand subscribers each, means users can gain three to five times more leads daily. To constantly keep in touch with audiences, multiple broadcasts of messages can be made throughout the day. With so much potential to go beyond all expectations users can rise above all competitors effortlessly.

Sitecontact Discount and Price Plans

Sitecontact is $47 excluding the discount and provides outstanding support system to answer all questions by the users. Currently we see there is Pro monthly which is $9.95 per month and Pro yearly which is $67 per year. Sometimes users might feel skeptical whether a certain software is worth operating in the long term or not. For such users, the support system is made available from which support ticket can be obtained for refund. This turns everything into a win-win situation, as users can test Sitecontact for thirty-days, and see if it’s good.

Therefore, please grab the excellent analytics application as well as marketing tool with our coupon. We hope, you will love the Sitecontact discount.