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SHORBY Discount

It is possible retarget the audiences in different manners. Shorby comes with an amazing way to do so. This software helps to utilize Instagram and other platforms to drive audiences to different places.

Features and Review of Shorby

Growing an Instagram account is not a tough task. You just have to share suitable photos and short notes to do so. After making an account very popular, it is possible drive a big number of followers in targeted places. In doing so, different kinds of links should be shared. Similarly, audiences can be grown from various other places. Shorby is an amazing solution that helps to do this task very impressively. Get the exclusive Shorby cheaply to retarget the audiences to different places with our discount. Avail the fantastic Shorby coupon today.

Use Instgram Bio Link

Instagram is a popular image sharing social network. In every Instagram bio, it is possible to add some clickable links. But, this task should be done very carefully. Shorby is able to do this task. That is why, your Instagram will show a greater traffic driving capability. There are many tools that allow to drive followers to one single destination. That means, you have to run multiple projects to drive visitors of multiple destinations. But, Shorby is able to solve this problem with ease. It allows to send followers to multiple locations at the same time. Some of these locations are articles, social profiles, events, and others. This solution is capable of dealing with unlimited links.


Efficient Retargeting

Generally, we add various links to an article. These links are used for retargeting audiences. But, in most of the cases, these links become reasons for losing audiences. Instead of disturbing URLs, you can use shortened links. Shorby has a top quality link shortening tool. With every link, this solution will add an ad tracker. After generating these, you have to share each link on various pages. This software will help to do that also. It allows to share those in own pages. At the same time, you will be able to share those on the pages of others. This solution is capable of dealing with various campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Shorby Discount and Pricing

Shorby is available with a single dashboard and multiple dashboards. It has two different licenses for a single dashboard or team. The Start License is one of those. This one is available for only $9 per month without any promo code. You will be able to deal with 1 ad platform with this license. 3 different Instagram bio links can be handled by it. The Pro License can be bought by paying only $29 per month. This license is able to deal with 7 ad platforms and unlimited bio links. Similarly, the Agency License of Shorby can be enjoyed by paying only 99 USD per month. It supports 5 different dashboards and 1 million smart links. This license supports ten team members for each project.

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