Shopping Feed Coupon: Get Discount for eCommerce Software

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Shopping Feed coupon

An eCom store may have products from various marketplaces. These items should be synced among different open channels of that store. Shopping Feed will help to do these tasks with ease.

Shopping Feed Review and Features

A big number of people struggle while dealing with product listings. They cannot sync among items from various marketplaces. They also face problems while updating data regarding these items. But, all these tasks can be done very easily with a simple solution. The name of that solution is Shopping Feed. It is capable of dealing with all kinds of eCom store having products from various popular marketplaces. If you are happy with the review please purchase the product with our coupon. Grab the Shopping Feed discount now.

Powerful Data Manipulation

When you will run an eCom store, there can be a big number of products. And, the product data should be changed for different reasons. There is no need to do it manually. Shopping Feed offers multiple rules to deal customize these data. One of these rules is the find/replace rule. By this rule, it will fill gaps in product listing data. And, the outdated data will be replaced with new ones also. Another important thing is the Auto Remove Rules. These rules work with if/then statements. Suppose, one of your products is out of stock. You have to protect that from overselling. Shopping Feed will automatically remove that from the list. So, there will be no question of overselling. A product may have several variants. This software will work separately with different color or size variants.

Shopping Feed

Shopping Feed Coupon and Pricing

There are two paid plans and one free plan for Shopping Feed. One of these paid plans is for small and medium businesses. This one is capable of working with up to 10 thousand products. You just have to pay USD per month to access it. Another license is for enterprises. This one can be accessed by paying only USD 199 per month without the coupon. It supports unlimited products. Both these paid licenses are capable of dealing with unlimited channels. But, these are different in the inventory update time. The first one is can update inventory in every 2 hours. And, the second will do so in every 15 minutes. Shopping Feed supports multiple eCommerce platforms also. Amazon, eBay, and Google Actions are a few of those.

Inventory Synchronization Option

After purchasing this solution, you don’t have to update your shop inventory manually. It has a built in inventory sync capability. A shop may have several channels. This solution will sync among all these channels with ease. Another important thing is, you will get some SEO related facilities from here. It will automatically add fluid tags, product tags, and different data on every page. Hence, your pages will become more profitable. Shopping Feed provides different types of product listing templates for eBay.

Hence, please purchase the product cheaply with our discount. If you have any query about Shopping Feed coupon please contact us.