ShopMessage Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Enjoy ShopMessage discount as 15% cash back on your 1st Invoice. Available for any plan in between 250 Contacts ~ 90,000 contacts.

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ShopMessage Discount

We know that Messenger is a very popular instant chatting app of Facebook. You can use this platform as a medium for online marketing. In doing so, ShopMessage can be used. That means, it is a Messenger marketing solution.

ShopMessage Review and Features

Facebook Messenger is not for chatting only. Nowadays, people use this platform for various purposes. For an example, it is used for marketing campaigns. But, you have to depend on a reliable Facebook Messenger marketing software for this task. Though there are various options, our suggestion is to depend on ShopMessage. This software is reliable and affordable. If you have liked the review of this Messenger Marketing Platform, then please purchase with our latest discount. The ShopMessage coupon will be really helpful for you.

Impressive Automation

Almost every online marketer knows about email marketing platforms. These platforms are mainly sends emails automatically. ShopMessage is like these solutions. But, there is a major difference. As it is specially designed for Facebook Messenger, it is more interactive. That is why, this solution will ensure about 10 times more engagements than an email marketing solution can do. That means, this software can make a marketing campaign 10 times more effective than a conventional campaign. Generally, most of the potential customers leave without purchasing. As a smart marketer, you have to bring them back in one way or another. ShopMessage is able to do this task with ease. It sends reminders about your products and offers to each and every potential customer. So, a big portion of them will come back and purchase your products.


Customer Segmentation

Making conversation with customers is not the only important thing. First of all, you have to find out right customers for every customer. That is why, this software has a customer segmentation facility. This facility can be used for creating several groups of customers. Then, each of these groups can easily be interacted with different offers. ShopMessage is able to send personalized messages to every customer automatically. That is why, there will be a higher opt-in rate. It also has an advanced notification system.

The ShopMessage features can enjoy with our coupon offered here. Extra discount not needed for messenger marketing solution.

More Interactive

Almost every online marketer knows about the email marketing. Messenger marketing campaigns are more interactive. Other things are almost similar. One of the most important things about ShopMessage is its compatibility with Facebook Messenger. Instead of sending emails to prospects, and waiting for their replies, you can chat with them by using Messenger App. As there is a necessity to send the same message to a big number of people, a powerful Messenger marketing app is necessary. ShopMessage is capable of dealing with a big number of people at a time. This software is able to send messages depending on the action of the target people. For example, if they leave any cart without purchasing, this software can send them notifications. It does the similar things for every newly added product, and products that are back in stock.

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Revenue Recovery

There are several reasons why this software is more effective. A research has found that about 90% potential buyers leave a cart before actually purchasing any item. That means, a very big part of your potential revenue can be lost. Instead of dealing with random people, it is a good idea to communicate with these potential buyers. Several popular brands use ShopMessage for this task. Compared to any email marketing platform, it is 10 times more effective in recovering lost revenue. This software supports different ecommerce platforms. Some of these platforms are Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento.

ShopMessage does not deal with every customer with the same way. This software has a built-in customer segmentation facility. It is capable of segmenting customers based on different data. For example, their browsing behavior is a basis of its segmentation. Sometimes, you may need to reach the customer of a specific gender or age only. In such cases, this software is very effective. It collects all these data from Facebook. Then, the segmentation will be done very easily.

ShopMessage Discount and Pricing

Depending on the number of targeted contacts, you have to purchase its license. The priceĀ  starts from $9 per month. With the smallest license, you will be able to work with up to 250 contacts. If your target is up to 500 contacts, then only 24 USD should be paid in a month without any promo code. After that, the price of ShopMessage will become $49/month. In this case, this software will work with maximum 1 thousand contacts. Similarly, you can use the Professional Package for maximum 3 thousand contacts. In that case, it will charge only 149 USD per month. There is an Enterprise License of this software too. This package comes with a dedicated account manager. You have to contact with the team of ShopMessage to know its price.

Hence, please grab the amazing marketing platform with our coupon at an affordable price. We believe that the ShopMessage discount will satisfy you.