Shoplez Discount Coupon and Exclusive Pricing in 2018

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Have magnificent Shoplez discount as 25% cash back (for both Basic and Deluxe license). Please see the discount process in below SL image.

Shoplez Discount

Instead of depending on some conventional eCom store builder tool, you can use some new tools. Shoplez is a new and effective solution to deal with. This software will let you create some eCom stores inside the Facebook Messenger.

Features and Review of Shoplez

Nowadays, every online campaign has a very big competition. You just cannot follow the old techniques and expect a big profit. We know that, Facebook and Messenger can be used for generating so many customers. If these platforms can be used for creating some eCom stores, then that will be very profitable. Shoplez is capable of doing this profitable thing very easily. This innovative solution has opened a new door for the newbies. Now, a newbie can use this to create some popular online stores. If you liked the SL features, then please purchase with our discount. The Shoplez coupon is really going to be helpful. Let’s see what features are offered by it:

Newbie Friendly Tool

As I said earlier, Shoplez is specially designed for the newbies. There is no real difficulty in using this solution. After being bought, it will start working in just few seconds. There is no need to install or depend on any other tools. It will let you generate your store inside messenger. We know that, for every conventional online shop, the domain name and hosting facilities are very much important. But, Shoplez will never ask for any of these. That means, it will save much money. You may think that this software may violate the terms and conditions of Facebook. But actually, it does not violate any of those terms.



Amazing Bot Replies

Sometimes, it can be very urgent to broadcast different messages to the customers. In these cases, all you need is to click once. And then, it will broadcast the message to all the customers. Amazing bot replies is another important feature of Shoplez. This bot should be set up once. Then it will send a welcome message to every customer. There is no need to depend on any other tool to accept the payment from any customer. This software will let them pay for any product inside the FB Messenger.

Shoplez Discount and Affordable Pricing

There is nothing to worry about the pricing of this solution. It comes with multiple licenses. Shoplez Basic License is capable of dealing with maximum 10 products. And, it supports only 5 Facebook pages. Only 25.95 USD excluding the discount should be paid to access this license. Compared to this one, the Deluxe License is even more attractive. Only 27 USD should be paid to buy this one as per March 11, 2018. This license will let you add unlimited products in an eCom store. Similarly, this license of Shoplez can also be used to import unlimited Facebook pages. Another important thing is, it supports 200 different currencies. That is why, your customers will feel more comfortable when they will make any payment.

Hence, make you Ecom store and start selling products inside FB messenger today with our coupon. We believe that the Shoplez discount is going to get you impressed.