Shopkeeper Coupon in 2019: Get the Discount on Purchase

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Shopkeeper Coupon

An Amazon seller needs to focus on so many things. That is why, it is better for him to use a powerful dashboard. Shopkeeper is a very impressive dashboard for the Amazon sellers. This dashboard shows the inventory status, sales volume, profit levels, and other important info.

A Quick Review of the Shopkeeper

It is a fact that there are so many sellers for the Amazon products. As this number is already big, it is very tough for a newbie to go there and get a profit. A seller may need to deal with different types of products at a time. So, the calculation of sales is very tough to be done manually. Another important thing is to monitor the inventory status. Sometimes, a buyer may make an order for such a product which is not available. A seller can avoid this situation by monitoring the inventory status. All these tasks can be done by using Shopkeeper. Enjoy the cool Shopkeeper features with the discount coupon we have provided here. The Shopkeeper discount can be obtained upon following the procedure given in the aforementioned image. Let’s have a look at some important features of this Amazon dashboard:

Impressive Profit Tracking

When you will deal with so many orders in a month, profit tracking will be difficult. This difficult task can easily be done with Shopkeeper. It calculates the profit by considering every commission and fee. For example, it calculates the Amazon fees, shipping costs, and manufacturing costs. That is why, its profit calculation is not erroneous. This is a mobile friendly solution. For this reason, you will be able to see your profit from any type of mobile. Shopkeeper checks for new sales in every five minutes. That means, it always shows the actual picture.


Inventory Forecasting

This software has an amazing inventory forecasting facility. Amazon has a worldwide business. For different countries, it may have different stock of products. For this reason, this dashboard has a country based filter for showing the inventory. This software comes with some important widgets to show different important matters. Sometimes, you may need to see the growth curve and value of the inventory. Shopkeeper will show all these things. It offers a list of important tools. One of these tools will let you find out some profitable products to sell. Similarly, it has separate tools for finding out keywords, product photos, and others.

Shopkeeper Coupon, Plans and Pricing

Different types of licenses of Shopkeeper are available in 2019. The Novice License of this product is capable of dealing with 1 to 250 orders in a month. You have to pay only $20 to grab this one. This license is for the beginners. Its Intermediate License is available for only $45 per month. This one supports up to 1000 orders in every month. The Master Plan of this product is capable of handling up to 5 thousand orders in a month. Its monthly price is only 90 USD excluding the coupon, as per this post creating time. Shopkeeper Ballin’ Outta Control is available for 250 USD per month. It supports unlimited orders in every month.

Therefore, please get the business dashboard for Amazon sellers with our discount. If you have any inquiry on the Shopkeeper coupon, kindly reach us.