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Nowadays, it’s important for a user to be extra careful while browsing the internet or installing online software. This is because there are tons of malicious viruses and internet hackers out there that can harm a user’s computer. With everyday work and other activities on computer, it can be difficult to manually monitor and track suspicious activities. Therefore, to provide the ultimate solution to tackling malware and internet hackers, there is a highly recommended software called ShieldApps. It delivers users with some of the most effective defense system against viruses and malicious activities. Avail the highly quality security at a cheaper price by getting the tool with our review. The ShieldApps pricing is introduced to make the tool easier for you to purchase.


Review of ShieldApps

ShieldApps delivers users with two unique applications to protect users’ desktop and mobile against both privacy theft and harmful viruses. PC Privacy Shield helps to prevent all kinds of private information from getting stolen from the users’ computer. Every time users browse the internet and logs into their accounts, it’s possible that users might forget to log out. This leaves users’ private information in a vulnerable state. Hence, to solve this issue, Privacy Shield allows users’ browsing history and other information to be completely wiped from the internet. Shield Antivirus strictly monitors and analyzes users’ computer and mobile devices to terminate all kinds of latest spyware, and Trojans.

Webcam Blocker and Mobile Protection

To prevent hackers from using users’ computer webcam or mobile camera and microphone, ShieldApps delivered two powerful anti-theft application. The two software are Webcam Blocker, and Mobile microphone and camera blocker. Every time mobile app or internet website tries to access the users’ camera or microphone, it will be auto-blocked by the blocker. Upon blocking, users will be immediately notified regarding the situation where users can decide whether to allow or deny access. Lastly, the system is extremely easy to use, and the interface is very convenient to work with. There is no need for the users to worry about performance issues as this software is very efficient and lightweight.

ShieldApps Review, Price and Benefits

ShieldApps has various kinds of anti-virus applications available at very affordable prices. Privacy shield can be purchased $39.99, and Shield Antivirus is available for $69.99. Identity Theft Preventer, and Cleaning Utility are purchasable for $49.99, and $39.99 excluding the review. Ransomware Defender can be purchased for $49.95, and Anti Malware is available for $79.99. Webcam Blocker, Hard Disk Shield, and Password Shield are available for $29.99, $39.99, and $39.99. ShieldApps also delivers users with free of charge software for mobile devices to protect against webcam hacker and information theft.

Therefore, please get the PC security as well as privacy software with our pricing. Hopefully, the ShieldApps review will meet your satisfaction.