SERPed Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Avail SERPed discount as 20% cash back on 1st invoice of any plan: Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise. Please check the SERPed image below for discount.

SERPed discount

An SEO campaign should be done with tons of essential tools. You don’t have to purchase these tools manually. SERPed comes with each and every SEO tool that can be used in a campaign. This SEO suite has already achieved a big popularity.

Review of SERPed

Nowadays, a big number of people use multiple SEO tools to run their campaigns. Purchasing each of these tools manually is a costly option. Instead, you can buy a reliable suite that provides all these necessary tools. SERPed is a very reliable option for all kinds of SEO projects. Every tool in this suite is very useful. More importantly, its licenses are completely affordable. Get the SEO tool easily with our discount. Grab the SERPed coupon now.

SEO Analysis

Before applying different SEO techniques, it is very important know details about the targeted website. SERPed comes with a tool that helps analyzing different SEO parameters of a site. You just have to input that site on Site Explorer. Then, tons of essential parameters will be shown instantly. For example, you can analyze backlinks for that site. After analyzing that, you can easily organize these backlinks into various segments depending on multiple parameters. Bulk URL Analyzer is another built in tool of SERPed. Sometimes, a user may need to compare detail metrics for multiple URLs. This built in tool is capable of doing so. This one is able to deal with up to 40 URLs at the same time. That means, your valuable time will be saved. Before purchasing a domain, you can check these details to become hugely benefited.


Keyword Research

You may know about various tools that are known for their keyword researching abilities. SERPed provides a built-in keyword research tool. It is one of the most profitable keyword research tools of this world. This solution also has a rank tracking solution. It supports almost every popular search engine. This product offers a top quality reporting software that can create necessary PDF reports with just a few clicks.

SERPed Discount & Pricing

Three different types of licenses of SERPed are available right now. Each of these licenses can be bought by paying monthly or yearly. We suggest to grab any of license for a year. In that case, the price that license will be more affordable. The Premium Plan is available for only USD 59 per month in yearly billing system without any promo code in 2021. This one is suitable for managing maximum 20 unique websites. If you want to work with more websites, then the Ultimate License is suitable.

This one is capable of working with up to 75 sites. If you want to work with more websites, then the Enterprise License of SERPed is recommended. It will let you manage maximum 200 unique websites. Only USD 284 per month should be spent (yearly billing) to access this one. You can also add an agency add-on with this software by paying an additional fee.

Therefore, please get the software with our coupon that is suitable for all kind of SEO projects. We hope that the SERPed discount will be benefitted for you.