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Review of Serial Port Monitor

Nowadays, all kinds of work such as business task, business documentation, university studies, and coding are done using the internet. Completing all these tasks requires an intense amount of effort and therefore can be really time consuming. It can also be extremely difficult for an individual to manually monitor and be alert of malicious activities. Therefore, to tackle such exhausting problems, there is the software called Serial Port Monitor. The Serial Port Monitor delivers users with technologically advanced tools to assist and enhance the workflow in an efficient manner. If you liked SPM features, then purchase with our discount. The Serial Port Monitor coupon will be useful.

USB Monitor

For university students and program developer, it is essential for them to carry USB devices for transferring documents and data. However, with intensive everyday work, it is quite near impossible to analyze whether the data transferred are secured or corrupted. To provide the ultimate solution to this problem, Serial Port Monitor delivers users with USB Monitor. This USB analyzers track and monitors all types of data being transferred from the computer to USB devices and vice-versa. And if the user feels like checking the transferred report, they can always do so through the provided log file. Unlike other software, USB Monitor is reliable, as high transfer rates of data has no effects on users’ computer performance.

Network Monitor

Serial Port Monitor delivers users with Network Monitor to analyze and monitor all data related to network traffic. This software is extremely powerful and very convenient to both new and experienced users. Programmers and Software Developers can work efficiently as this software ensures to continuously keep track of all network data. Users won’t have to worry about malicious activities as they are guaranteed protection from viruses and adware programs. The best part among all is that these high level monitoring has little to no effect on users’ computer performance. Therefore users can easily continue their work while the software does all the recording and capturing of network data.

Serial Port Monitor Discount and Price

Serial Port Monitor has various types of packages available at very affordable prices. USB Monitor, Network Monitor, and Serial Monitor package have three types of plan: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Standard and Professional plan are available for $64.99 and $149.99, and Ultimate package is purchasable at $199.99 excluding the discount. Serial Port Monitor has no monthly or annual subscription fee involved as all purchases are a onetime payment.

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