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Sendy coupon

Communicating with customers is very important for all kinds of businesses. That is why, you have to send more newsletters to them. Sendy is a reliable solution for sending newsletters via Amazon SES. It is not a costly platform at all.

Review of Sendy

Every online campaign requires more subscribers. And, more subscribers means you have to deal with more newsletters. That means, more subscribers means more costs. But, the target of every online campaigner is to minimize the cost per campaign. To ensure that, we suggest Sendy. This Newsletter sending platform uses Amazon SES to send a big number of newsletters at a very cheap price. It is a self-hosted email application that is already used by so many people. Get the product with our coupon to send newsletters. Grab the Sendy discount now.

Multi-threaded Emails

Sendy is capable of dealing with multi-threaded emails by using Amazon SES. You have to pay a very little price for these mails. There are some other solutions that can send mails for a very little cost. But, the most of these platforms are not capable of creating necessary reports. Some of these solutions charge extra amounts for providing reports. But, Sendy will create necessary reports without any additional costs. Different data will be added to each report. For example, you will be able to see the number of opens, clicks, and bounces, etc. It will also show various types of charts to show different scenario clearly. More importantly, this solution is able to show charts and data for every campaign and autoresponder.


List Segmenting

It is not a very good idea to deal with every subscribers equally. You just have to create different segments of them. This task will be done by Sendy automatically. Then, it will help deal with different segments differently. That is why, there will be a bigger chance of getting more conversions. Another way to get success is to collect more information of every customer. This platform is capable of adding more fields along with name and email addresses. So, some additional data regarding every customer will be stored.

Sendy Coupon & Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to think about the cost of using Sendy. This platform is 100X cheaper than many other newsletter sending platforms. You just have to pay USD 59 to access it without the coupon. There is no monthly or yearly fee for it. Just pay the one-time fee and enjoy working with a big number of subscribers. If you consider the price per 10 thousand newsletters, then it will be only USD 1. As Sendy uses Amazon SES to send mails, you don’t have to depend on other platforms to send newsletters. It also has a money refund policy. So, if this software does not work, you will get your money back.

Hence, please purchase the amazing software to send newsletters easily with our discount. We hope that the Sendy coupon will make you happy.