Sellfy Discount: Excellent Coupon on Best Ecommerce Platform

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Sellfy Discount

It is a fact that there are various types of eCommerce platforms. But, I want to introduce a new one, which is affordable and feature-rich. The name of this eCommerce platform is Sellfy. You can use it to sell a big number of digital goods.

Features and Review of the Sellfy

An eCommerce site can bring a big profit to you. So many people have their own sites and they are successful. But, that does not mean there is no chance for a newbie to get a success. You have to provide something new to the customers. Only then, they will love to shop from your site. My recommendation is to depend on a new eCommerce platform to create some sites. And then, add some profitable products to those stores. Sellfy can be used to do all these tasks. This impressive eCommerce platform has all the features that a businessman may look for. Get the cool Sellfy features by using our discount. The Sellfy coupon is going to be helpful. Let’s see its powerful features and facilities:


Storefront Creation

We know that every physical store has an attractive storefront. These storefronts attract the customer to go into these stores. Similarly, the storefront of an eCommerce store should be attractive. There are only a few platforms, which is capable of generating these eye-catching storefronts. Sellfy is one of these platforms. Instead of creating an ordinary product page, it offers a dedicated one for each product. That is why, you will be able to add more images and descriptions of every product. In every site, this platform will allow to add unlimited products. The shopping cart of Sellfy is very easy to handle.

Sellfy Discount and Affordable Pricing Facilities

Actually, there are two different licenses of Sellfy. One of it can be purchased by paying only 29 USD per month excluding the discount. For every transaction, it will charge an additional 2 USD. Unlimited file storage is a big facility of this product. It also has a powerful analytics. Instead of this one, I recommend to purchase the Pro Plus Plan. This license of Sellfy will never charge any transaction fee. It can be accessed by paying only 99 USD per month. This one is strongly recommended to the high-volume sellers. Both these licenses have a trial edition. That is why, you can try this platform free before paying a single penny.

Some Other Features

For some additional features, this eCommerce platform has become even more effective. It is capable of integrating a site with different social media platforms. It also supports the Webhook with an eCommerce store. That is why, it will be very easy to know about any update regarding that store. Each of the sites will be completely SEO friendly. Sellfy will allow you to offer some discounts for some products. Similarly, it helps to offer some free products for the promotion of your site. Different types of payment gateways can be integrated with every site too.

Hence, please avail the excellent ecommerce platform with our coupon. We believe, you will enjoy the Sellfy discount.