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Sellbrite discount

While selling products on online marketplaces, managing different inventory and selling channels is very important. It is possible to manage these channels with the help of a multi-channel selling software. Our request to depend on Sellbrite for managing this task.

A Quick Review of the Sellbrite

Nowadays, online sellers and marketers sell the same products on multiple platforms. Similarly, they get these products from various sources. It is very important to make a list of these products. At the same time, maintaining shipping sessions is also an important task. You have to deal with all these tasks very efficient to become successful. Sellbrite helps to do each of these things very efficiently. It comes with a big number of important features. If you liked the review of Sellbrite, then please purchase with our discount. Avail the amazing Sellbrite coupon now.

Powerful Listing Tool

Generally, we create a list of products from every source separately. For this reason, we have to spend enough time. Sellbrite is able to save our valuable time. This solution offers a central catalog. This catalog integrates all the available products on multiple sources. And then, you just have to select a few items. After that, it will help to export that list to desired channels. Sometimes, a seller may set different prices for the same product on different channels. This software will allow to do so with ease. Sellbrite provides plenty of listing templates. While creating a list manually, we start from the beginning. These preliminary tasks should be done for every list. But, a suitable template will save your time by completing these tasks automatically. You just have to make some basic changes to create a list.


Inventory Management

After purchasing Sellbrite, there is no need to use any other inventory management tools manually. Overselling is a common problem for every online seller. This problem occurs when a seller sells a product which is not available anymore. The inventory management tool of this software will eliminate this problem with ease. It will help take control over all the warehouses with ease. Synchronization among the available items of all these warehouses will automatically be done too. Sellbrite shows every data in a convenient way. You just have to open its dashboard to see these inventory data. Sometimes, a user may need to make some customizations to these data. This software offers an Excel-like editor to do so. Generally, online sellers use a specialized solution for the FBA inventory management. You don’t have to purchase any of those because this software comes with a built-in one.

Shipping Software

Sellbrite provides a top quality shipping software. It is able to deal with multiple channels at a time. Actually, you will get two main tools with this software. The first tool will act as an order management solution. A big number of customers may make orders from different marketplaces. You don’t have to go to these marketplaces to deal see the orders anymore. Rather, its centralized panel will let you see all the orders from a single place. Even, you don’t have to use another tool to print shipping levels. Sellbrite automatically creates shipping lebels. Each label will contain pricing data, shipping code, and the date. Whenever an order is placed, every sales channel will get an alert. An automated order routing is another great feature of this software.

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Sellbrite review

Efficient Reporting

After purchasing Sellbrite, you don’t have to worry about creating useful reports. This software is capable of creating all types of essential reports. For example, it is capable of creating a unified sales report for all the channels. That is why, you will be able to find out actual performance very easily. Similarly, it can create separate reports for every channel. For a better inventory planning, creating informative inventory reports is very important. Sellbrite is able to generate these reports. After collecting bulk data, this software will allow you to export those to any Excel file. After that, you can easily make various calculations and charts.

Sellbrite Discount and Pricing

We have mentioned main features and facilities of Sellbrite. Though these features are very impressive, you don’t have to spend a big amount to get its license. Pro 100 License of this solution is available for only $49 per month excluding the discount. It is capable of managing up to 100 orders in every month. Pro 500 License is more cost effective. It will cost only $149 per month and is capable of dealing with 500 orders per month. Similarly, Pro 2K License can be bought by paying only USD 249 per month. This solution is able to deal with 2 thousand orders.

And, Pro 10K License can be enjoyed by paying only USD 399 per month. All these licenses support an FBA integration. In that case, you have to pay an additional monthly price of 49 USD. Different types of volume plans are also available for Sellbrite.

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