SegMate Discount, Avail Coupon for Facebook Messenger Bot

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Buy any SegMate subscription plan and have 15% cash back on 1st Invoice, providing as SegMate discount. Please check the SegMate image below for discount.

SegMate discount

Facebook Messenger bots are capable of bringing more customers. These bots can be created and managed by a very simple solution. The name of that software is SegMate. This app is very easy to use.

Review of SegMate

There is no need to work with difficult codes to create chatbots anymore. Even, you don’t have to buy a costly software or hire a professional for this task. Different kinds of chatbots can easily be created with a simple app named SegMate. This software is already used by so many social media marketers and freelancers. This one is recommended for newbies and experienced marketers. Purchase the Facebook messenger bot cheaply with our discount. Grab the SegMate coupon now.


Chatbot Builder Features

Creating a chat bot is very easy with SegMate. It offers a drag-and-drop chatbot builder. First of all you have to insert the bot name and the necessary post. Along with a text message, it is possible to add suitable images, audios, and videos. Adding some quick reply button will ensure a better conversation with people. Whenever, a person will press on these buttons, they will get respective replies from the chatbot. Post engaging is another nice feature of SegMate. You just have to select a few keywords and active the conversation button to a post. Whenever, a person will comment on that post with a selected keyword, he will automatically be added to the conversation list. Then, your chatbot will automatically start chatting with that person. In this manner, it is possible to increase the engaging rate very quickly.

SegMate Discount and Pricing

Before purchasing a SegMate license, you have to fix the number of contacts to work with. If your targeted number of contacts is 500, then this solution will cost only $9 per month without the discount. Some people may want to work with more up to 1 thousand contacts. In such a case, the monthly price will be only $14. Its license will charge only USD 25 per month for working with 2.5 thousand contacts. 10 thousand contacts can be handled by paying only USD 65 per month. Similarly, you can use SegMate for working with as many contacts as needed. All these licenses have an unlimited messaging facility.

Subscriber Available Tools

Every marketer wants to create profitable lists from their campaigns. And, they use various tools to do so. There is no need to purchase additional tools for this task. Rather, you can use SegMate, which comes with five different ways to improve the list building capabilities. It allows to add necessary checkbox to attract more customers. This software allows to chat with customers depending on what they need. There is another way to attract the fans. Whenever a fan will visit a page, you can send him a popup welcome message. Such messages can easily be set with this solution. It also has various subscriber management facilities.

So, please purchase the product with our coupon now. We hope that the SegMate discount will satisfy your needs.