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Sorry the following SalesHandy cashback offer is no longer valid, as per their changed terms.

Have excellent SalesHandy discount as 15% cash back for Regular, Plus or Enterprise license. Please check below SalesHandy image for discount.

SalesHandy Discount

Every sales manager or HR executive requires different tools regarding the emails. Generally, they get these tools from multiple sources. SalesHandy has made this task easier. A big number of essential tools are available in this solution. That is why, there is no need to depend on any other sources.

Review and Features of SalesHandy

Every marketer needs to deal with various emails. Sometimes, he may need to merge and track these emails. These tasks can be done by using some tools. But, these tools are very tough to find. Similarly, every sales manager and recruitment officer also need these tools. Instead of getting these tools separately, it is better to buy those as a package. SalesHandy comes with all these tools. To get all these tools, you just have to pay a small price. Enjoy the incredible SH features with our discount. Grab the SalesHandy coupon today. Let’s have a look at its main features and facilities:

Amazing Mail Merging

One of the biggest features of SalesHandy is its mail merging capability. Sometimes, you may need to send the same mail and attachment to a big number of recipients. Only the recipient names and a few other small changes should be made. To complete this task, you can use the mail merging functionality. This software will allow you to add a big number of recipients with ease. Then the customization can be done with different variables. Then, it is possible to send up to 200 mails at a time. Similarly, SalesHandy has an efficient email tracking facility. For this reason, you will be able to know who is opening your mails. Whenever a recipient opens a mail, you will be notified instantly. It works impressively with the Gmail and Outlook.


Document Tracking

It is another good feature of this solution. By using this facility, you will be able to know that how people are reacting with the mail attachments. It will let you know the spent time by each recipients for reading the documents. Depending on the engagement time and other factors, it will be easier to take some decisions. SalesHandy has a team management tool. There is no need to depend on any other tool to manage your sales or marketing team.

SalesHandy Discount, Plans and Pricing

There is one free plan and three paid plans for this solution. SalesHandy Regular is the smallest paid plan, which is capable of sending 200 emails per day. As per this post creating time, it can be accessed by paying only $7/month if billed annually. The Plus Plan of this product is capable of handling 1600 emails in every day. You have to pay only $16/month to access this one. SalesHandy Enterprise License is available for only 40 USD/month without any promo code. It can deal with 2000 emails per day. But, it can work with a bigger number of CSV contacts. All these products have an unlimited email tracking and notification facility.

In conclusion, avail the cool email tracking, scheduling, mail merge and other features of SH with our coupon. The SalesHandy discount will let you enjoy the features at a much cheaper price.