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Ruler Analytics Discount

Review of Ruler Analytics

Nowadays, as online businesses are growing, it is important to keep track and analyze the progression of the business. Keeping track of business progression will enable users to effectively strategize their business plan and produce better marketing results. However, manually recording data and keeping track of marketing progress can be a difficult task.

Ruler Analytics deliver users with technologically advanced tools to effectively measure their return on investment and analyze campaign progression. Tracking features starting from call tracking to tracking lead locations are all available upon purchasing this software. Enjoy all the cool RA features with our discount. We believe that the Ruler Analytics coupon will impress you. Now, let’s look at some of the features provided:

Effective Call Tracking

Ruler Analytics deliver users with call tracking features which are essential for improving business’ return on investment and customer services. Being able to track client calls will guarantee future leads and at the same time will help generate important information. Ruler Analytics allows users to record all incoming calls which can be downloaded and saved for future use. These recorded phone calls can be played multiple times, which can also be used to improve services for customers. Setting up such call tracking features takes less than a few minutes and users can get started immediately upon installation. Regardless of whether it’s local or other free number, users are granted access to all kinds of phone numbers.

Smart Integrations and More

There are various software out there that delivers users with a complicated system that is very difficult to use. These types of software end up wasting users’ precious time and valuable resources. Unlike these software, Ruler Analytics is very easy to get started with, and friendly to both new and experienced users. Their smart integration system allows users to add their desired plugins and applications. To monitor business progress and keep track of potential leads, there is a google analytics provided. It is essential to know visitors and customers’ location in order to provide services effectively. Thus, through this software, users will be able to identify each visitor’ location and hence, form conversions.

Ruler Analytics Discount, Price, Plans

Ruler Analytics has various types of plans available for monthly and annual subscription fee. Start-Up Plan is available for a monthly subscription fee of $149, and an annual subscription fee of $134 excluding the discount. Business Plan is available for a monthly subscription fee of $216, and a yearly subscription fee of $195. Start-Up Plan allows users one thousand call minutes while Business Plan allows users two thousand call minutes. Both of these packages provide demo where users will get to try out the software.

Therefore, avail our coupon to get the call tracking and also marketing attribution tool at a cheaper price. We hope that you are going to enjoy the Ruler Analytics discount.