Royal TS Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes October 2021

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Royal TS (Windows only)

Royal TS (Windows only) – Extended Global Plan

Royal TS (Windows only) – Global Plan

Royal TS (Windows only) – Site Plan

Royal TS V5 and Royal TSX V4 Bundle (Win and mac)

Royal TS V5 and Royal TSX V4 Bundle (Win and mac) Extended Global Plan

Royal TS V5 and Royal TSX V4 Bundle (Win and mac) – Global Plan

Royal TS V5 and Royal TSX V4 Bundle (Win and mac) – Site Plan

This includes Individual User, Site, Global and Extended Global license. Please see the Royal Apps image below for details.

Royal TS Coupon

Review of Royal TS

It is necessary for developers, system engineers and IT professions to enter the remote systems. Accessing remote systems allow users from such professions to complete certain technical task. In order to enter the remote systems, there are requirements for various protocols. Protocols such as RDP, VNC, HTTP/S etc. enable users to enter remote systems. There are various software out there that provides services for such connection management. One such highly recommended service provider is Royal TS. Royal TS provides the ultimate solution to remote management with their advanced technological tools. Avail the ultimate solution provided by RTS with our coupon. You can enjoy the solution at a much cheaper price with our Royal TS discount. Let’s look at some of the features provided:

Reliable and Secure

Royal TS’s services are extremely reliable and safe as they provide a secure connection type. This alone makes this software unique and much more trustworthy. Thanks to data encryptionusers’ important files and documents are tightly protected. There are also options available to add password protection. Indicator to measure the strength of the password is also provided. Sharing documents are made secure as options to add-in names to connection are available. This means sharing can be done only by knowing the name of the connection while keeping credentials safe. When sharing documents, it can be locked down and all the files and password are kept confidential.

Royal TS

Unique Interface

There is a variety of software out there that delivers its users with dull interface. This alone is enough to keep users dissatisfied with the software. Royal TS, however, is completely unique with lots of customization options available. It has the modern look and feel which is very stylish and elegant. Customization such as changing font size and using different skin color are all provided. Multiple-Language feature can be used to change the language settings. This feature is really helpful for users whose native language is not English. To view recent places or documents visited there is a backstage view available. Overall, Royal TS’s interface is extremely flexible and very easy to use with maximum effectiveness.

The benefits of Royal TS can be enjoyed using our discount. Do not need additional coupon for the desktop connection management solution.

Supports Various Connections

Royal TS Can be considered as one of the most powerful connection management solutions. It is compatible with various types of connections. While working with these connections, you may need to use different terminals based on SSH, VNC, and RDP. Royal TS will deal with all these types of terminals. Similarly, it supports different kinds of web-based interfaces. This solution is capable of working with remote desktops, terminals, and VNC. Sometimes, people face problem while connecting VNC with SSH. In such cases, Royal TS is very helpful. After connecting multiple terminals or networks, users may need to transfer various files. This solution uses FTP, SCP, and SFTP for transferring these files with a strong security. Similarly, you can use it for managing and connecting with all kinds of Hyper-V instances.

desktop connection management solution

Credential Management

While working with different connections and terminals, it is very important to assign and link credential objects to necessary folders and connections. In doing so, you don’t have to depend on other software. Royal TS is well enough to handle such tasks. This solution has a credential management console to handle all the credentials. After connecting these credentials, you will be able to access these from other documents and external sources with ease. Another important thing is, this solution helps users to encrypt sensitive data in a document. That means, you can easily encrypt shared documents with a strong password. Then, Royal TS will allow others to access that document if they insert the password.

As we have mentioned, this solution ensures a safe environment for establishing connections. So, there is no risk in sharing private documents. At the same time, it has a team collaboration function. Sometimes, the same document can be opened by multiple users.

Royal TS Price Plan and Coupon

Royal TS has two types of packages available which can be purchased for a really affordable price. Lite pack can be obtained for free with no hidden fees included. User will get access to 10 connections and credentials along with 1 document in the Lite pack. Single User pack can be purchased for € 35 excluding the coupon which has no annual subscription payment.

Thereafter, please use the discount and avail the Royal Apps solution at a cheaper price. We hope that you will enjoy the Royal TS coupon.